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The trendiest suit!

The trendiest suit for men

How to get one?

Whether you work in an regular office, or even if you work in a casual office, you still need the best case around. This trendiest suit section could be helpful for a wedding, party, or job interview.

However, there are many decisions you have to make before buying a suit where brands, different styles, materials, and price point should be considered. A good case can change your whole appearance. It also can help you to make the right impression in your career. 

Wearing the trendiest suit needs to be like stepping into a new skin- you should feel comfortable in your lawsuit. Here are some tips you have to know before purchasing the right trendiest suit for you.

Set your budget for buying the right suit

1. Set Your Budget 

First, you have to set a budget for your suit. 

  • If you want a custom clothier, you have to set a budget accordingly. Custom made means it is made to fit your measurements so that the price can be a little higher. 
  • Off the rack is also a good option. For most people, ready-made suits work as delicate as a custom made one. Also, you can make your suit from scratch to your exact specifications. These suits are a work of art, so you have to pay much higher in price.
Choose the right fabric for your suit

2. Choose Your Fabric 

  • If you have set your budget, now you can look for a perfect fabric for suits. Look for a claim in 100% wool because it is an excellent indicator of high quality.
  • If you want an expensive luxury fabric, you can go for cashmere fabric, which is exceptionally soft and eight times warmer than sheep’s wool.
  • You can also go for Italian material, which is incredibly smooth, comfortable, and one of the trendiest fabric options for suits.

But if you don’t have a big budget, you can opt for blends; they are also not bad. This will save you a lot of money.

3. Colours

  • Pic one from these three- navy, gray, or charcoal. These are the trendiest color options for suits. No light gray and no blue. Because they are too casual and can make your look dull.

4. Nail The Fit

Time to nail the fit

Fit is the most crucial element for a suit. Don’t ever buy a case that doesn’t fit you properly. If you have to pay for little much to get a perfect fit- go ahead. 

Here are specific areas to focus on to get a perfect fitted suit- 

  1. Jacket shoulder 
  2. Suit chest size
  3. Length sleeves
  4. Suit trousers
  5. Trousers break

When you buy a ready-made suit, the store can charge you some extra bucks to alter your claim. Don’t skip this process ever in getting your trendiest suit.

5. Choose the Style

With so many styles, it can be elementary to get lost in the variety of choices. To decide the best option, first, think of the occasion you are dressing up for. Here are some examples –

Plain Two Button Suit

A simple two-button suit can be dressed up for a wedding and dressed down for the office. Make sure you choose a navy and mid-weight fabric for the best-sophisticated looks.

Patterned Suit

If you want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement, go for a patterned suit. 

Double Breasted Suit

If you want to make a sartorial statement but not in a fancy way, opt for a double-breasted suit. It is versatile enough to be worn at a party, wedding, or in an office.

The blazer creates a V shape that slims your middle and broadens your chest and shoulders.

Dinner Suit

There will be some formal occasions when your regular suits won’t do correctly. Dinner suits come in handy at those times. A dinner jacket, a plain white shirt, a polished pair of shoes can create a great impression. 

Summer Suit

If you are attending a wedding during the summer, you need a summer suit. They are just perfect for staying glamorous and relaxed in a sophisticated way, even when the heat is trying to kill your impression.

Always opt for the right material like linen or cotton in light pastel color. 

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