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Here’s the True Meaning of ‘Oo Antava’ Song from ‘Pushpa’

Oo Antava song meaning from Pushpa Movie

OO Antava Lyrics Meaning

In the vibrant landscape of Telugu cinema, the allure of ‘Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava’ from the blockbuster hit Pushpa: The Rise remains unmatched. Released amidst much anticipation on December 17, the film, starring luminaries like Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil, and Rashmika Mandanna, swiftly captured hearts, amassing over Rs 300 crores globally.

Stars Samantha Ruth Prabhu

At the heart of this sensation lies the scintillating presence of Samantha Ruth Prabhu, whose captivating dance moves in the item song elevated its appeal.

true meaning of Oo Antava Lyrics
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Garnering over 100 million views in Telugu and 80 million in Hindi, the song found its place among the Top 100 Music Videos Global and content creators and singers are recreating different versions on YouTube, igniting a frenzy of dance and discussion alike.

Deconstructing the Controversy

Despite its resounding success, ‘Oo Antava’ hasn’t been immune to controversy. The song’s portrayal of societal dynamics and gender relations has sparked fervent debate. While some laud its critique of objectification, others decry its perpetuation of age-old stereotypes, particularly in the realm of item songs.

Exploring the Lyrical Landscape

Diving into the lyrical tapestry of ‘Oo Antava,’ one unravels a nuanced narrative that delves into the complexities of societal perception. Transcending mere words, the song encapsulates a vivid commentary on the gaze of society and its impact on individual expression.

Oo Antava lyrics meaning
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So, we are here to present you with the most authentic meaning of Oo Antava song from Pushpa.

Here is Oo Antava Lyrics Translation:

Koka Koka Koka Kadithe
Kora Kora Mantu Chusthaaru
Potti Potti Gowney Vesthey
Patti Patti Chusthaaru

They kill me with their looks if I wear a saree.
They scan me with their eyes if I wear a skirt.
Neither the Saree nor the gown, it is not in the dressing which matters.
It is all in your eyes. Men’s thinking is a twisted one.

Oo Antava Mava
Oo Oo Antava Maava Hey,
Oo Antava Mava
Oo Oo Antava Maava Hey.

Will You Agree With This? Men!
Are You Agree With This!
Will You Agree With This? Men!
Are You Agree With This!

Tella Tellaaguntey Okadu
Nalla Nallaaguntey Okadu
Allaarallari Chesthaadu

If we’re fair in complexion
One just goes upside down for us,
If we’re dark in complexion
We get teased around.

Telupu Nalupu Kaadhu
Meeku Rangutho Paniyemundhee
Sandhu Dhorikindhante Saalu
Mee Maga Buddhey Vankara Buddhee

Neither the fairness nor the darkness
Colour doesn’t matter to you,
Men If you get a chance
Men’s thinking is a distorted one.

Hey! Boddhu Boddhu Gunte Okadu
Sannaa Sannagunte Okadu
Saradaapadi Pothuntaadu

If we’re chubby enough, one comments telling we’re cute
If we’re lean, one feels crazy about us.
Neither the chubbiness nor the leanness

Boddhu Kaadhu Sannam Kaadhu
Ompu Sompu Kaadandi
Ontiga Sikkaamante Saalu
Mee Maga Buddhey Vankara Buddhee

It is not about the physique
If asked to meet alone
Men’s thinking is a twisted one.

Pedda Peddaa Manishilaaga
Okadu Phojulu Kodathaadu
Manchi Manchi Manasundantu
Okadu Neethulu Sebuthaadu

One just shows off as if a great man
Some just speak about moral values like good men
Nether the goodness nor the badness

Manchi Kaadhu Seddaa Kaadhu
Anthaa Okate Jaathandi
Deepaalanni Aarpeshaaka
Uu Uu Uu Uu Deepaalanni Aarpesakaa
Andari Buddhi Vankara Buddhey

All of you come under one
When the lights go off
When the lights go off
Everyone’s thinking is a twisted one.

Let us further dissect the essence of Oo Antava’s lyrics:

  • Koka Koka Koka Kadithe: Reflecting on the scrutiny one faces based on attire.
  • Potti Potti Gown’ey Vesthe: Challenging the notion that clothing dictates perception.
  • Oo Antava Mava: Provoking introspection on societal norms and expectations.
  • Tella Tellaaguntey Okadu: Highlighting the double standards regarding complexion.
  • Mee Kallallone Antha: Exposing the superficiality of societal judgments.
  • Pedda Peddaa Manishilaaga: Critiquing the facade of perceived greatness.

The Voice Behind the Melody

Indravathi Chauhan’s soulful rendition, complemented by Chandrabose’s poignant lyrics, infuses ‘Oo Antava’ with a depth that resonates beyond the confines of the screen. Their collaboration breathes life into the song, inviting listeners to ponder its profound message.

Enjoy listening to this beautiful song below:

Embracing Interpretation and Dialogue

In the digital sphere, ‘Oo Antava’ has sparked a flurry of interpretations and reactions, reflecting the diverse perspectives that enrich our cultural discourse. From Twitter debates to insightful analyses, the song continues to captivate and compel introspection.

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Wrapping up things: A Musical Journey of Reflection

As we navigate the intricate melodies of ‘Oo Antava,’ we are reminded of the power of art to provoke thought, stir emotion, and challenge convention. In its rhythmic cadence lies a profound narrative—one that invites us to reimagine our perceptions and embrace the beauty of diversity.

Let us embark on this journey of discovery, as we unravel the myriad meanings woven into the fabric of ‘Oo Antava’ and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of Telugu cinema.

Note: Kindly ensure to share your insights regarding this translation of the lyrics and if you believe any elements may have been overlooked.


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