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IRCTC Clarifies Amidst Controversy over Indian Railways and Adani’s Trainman Acquisition

IRCTC Faces Controversy Amidst Adani's Acquisition of Trainman: IRCTC Clarifies

Indian Railways, a vital transportation system in the country, has been under government control for decades, serving as a lifeline for the nation’s 1.3 billion people. With an extensive network spanning over 64,000 route kilometers and catering to millions of passengers daily, the Indian Railways is a significant employer with a workforce of around 1.3 million.

The Debate Over IRCTC Privatization

In recent years, the financial challenges faced by Indian Railways have prompted discussions about exploring alternative revenue streams. This includes venturing into the non-fare revenue segment, leasing out vacant land, and considering public-private partnerships (PPP) as potential avenues for growth.

Amidst these discussions, the idea of privatizing the railway network has gained traction. Proponents argue that privatization can lead to enhanced productivity, modernization, and improved customer service. However, concerns regarding fare increases, job security, and safety have raised opposition to the privatization initiative.


The recent acquisition of Trainman by Adani Enterprises further fueled the debates surrounding railway privatization. Jairam Ramesh, a prominent leader of the Indian National Congress (INC), expressed his criticism, suggesting that the takeover could mark the beginning of the privatization of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). In response, IRCTC has come forward to clarify the situation and debunk the claims made.

Here’s what actually transpired

adani group

Adani Enterprises acquired Stark Enterprises Private Limited, popularly known as Trainman, a well-established online train ticketing business. This development allows Adani Enterprises to sell railway tickets online through their platform. It is important to note that Trainman is an authorized IRCTC agency for ticket purchases, meaning that IRCTC maintains a dominant position in the online ticketing industry.

However, misinformation began to circulate, falsely suggesting that Adani Group would monopolize ticket sales. Jairam Ramesh tweeted an article about the acquisition, captioning it with

“First compete with IRCTC, then take over.”

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IRCTC clarifies,

“This is a misleading statement. Trainman is one of the 32 authorized B2C (Business to Customer) partners of IRCTC. Changing the stake won’t make any difference. All integration and operations will continue to be done through IRCTC. It will only complement IRCTC and is not a threat or challenge to IRCTC.”

IRCTC’s clarification

The IRCTC’s clarification tweet has gained significant attention, with people expressing varied opinions on the matter. While some tagged Jairam Ramesh as spreading misinformation, others voiced concerns about the implications of the deal.

The ongoing debate highlights the complex issues surrounding the potential privatization of the Indian Railways. As discussions continue, it remains crucial to assess the long-term implications, considering factors such as affordability, accessibility, and the overall welfare of the passengers and IRCTC employees.

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