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SRP’s Comprehensive 11-Point Agenda for Election Manifesto

Sikkim Republican Party's 11 point Agenda for Election Manifesto

Gangtok: The Sikkim Republican Party (SRP) has unveiled an extensive 11-point agenda that will form the cornerstone of the party’s election manifesto for the upcoming 2024 Assembly polls.

In a press conference held in Gangtok on Tuesday, SRP President KB Rai emphasized the significance of the announcement being made on the 48th anniversary of Sikkim’s merger with the Indian Union through a public referendum in 1975. Rai urged the people of Sikkim to reflect on the gains and losses the state has experienced since its merger.

Rai expressed concerns about the dilution and violation of Article 371F, which grants special constitutional privileges and protections for Sikkim and its residents. He pointed out that the erosion of these safeguards has not occurred solely due to the central government but also due to the actions of elected leaders who were entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding Article 371F. Rai criticized these leaders for compromising the distinct identity of Sikkim and its people for personal gains and vested interests.

Among the key points in the SRP’s agenda is the commitment to convene a special Assembly session on May 16, if the party secures the mandate to govern the state in the upcoming elections. The session will focus on protecting Sikkimese identity and Article 371F. Additionally, the SRP aims to address the restoration of Nepali seats in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly.

Rai emphasized that the resolutions arising from the special Assembly session would be subject to a “Janmath Sangraha” (public referendum) for approval before being submitted to the central government for consideration.

The SRP’s agenda also includes the establishment of a Sikkim State Education Board to study the history of the Sikkimese Nepali community and compile a comprehensive book on its ancient, medieval, and modern facts. This initiative aims to dispel any negative narratives or stereotypes surrounding the community.

“Our party is firmly committed to zero tolerance against corruption,” said President Rai. He highlighted the SRP’s determination to develop a system that eradicates corrupt practices entirely. Those found guilty of corruption, including individuals involved in previous administrations, will face appropriate legal consequences, he added.

Rai further pledged to restore all the old laws of Sikkim based on the results of a public referendum. The SRP also aims to resolve the issue of ad hoc employment in the government sector and private companies. The party plans to introduce a direct recruitment system and ensure employees in private companies receive salaries that keep up with inflation, promoting a dignified standard of living for all.

The press conference was attended by SRP General Secretary Tara Bhattarai, Working President Nicknor Pradhan, and other party executives.

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