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Nitesh Bishwakarma – The Photographer of Emotions

Nitesh Bishwakarma - The Photographer of Emotions, Street Photography India

Photography is indeed a major part of travelling. Otherwise, how else can we relive those joyous moments? Well, although most of us capture the frames to go down the lane later, there are some who capture the emotions, trying to convey a story from every scene.

Amongst all those famous travel photographers who are undoubtedly the head-turners, Nitesh Bishwakarma is the one living in the moment. I, personally, was in awe when I checked out his Instagram page! How could one paint such portraits at such a young age!

Being a photography enthusiast myself, I know snapping that perfect shot is not only overwhelming but satisfying too. And you can see that on every post of Nitesh Bishwakarma. He clicks when he relates and that’s why all of his photographs have a story to share! No, not with the help of captions, but all by themselves.

The Emotions Captured…

Human emotions are versatile and an amazing existence to explore too. Hence, Nitesh has taken the opportunity of communicating this diversity through his lens. But what started with human emotions, is now elevated to a different level.

Have you ever got hints of sentiment from the roads of your neighborhood, or from the lake where you go for a walk every day? Well, those vehemences are not very usual for every passer-by to follow. But Nitesh’s passion for photography led him to portray these minute details in front of you.

Every road has a story to tell. And this youngster takes the initiative to deliver those tales to you through his photography. And you know why those frames talk to you? Because they are captured with his heart full of passion and love for photography.

Tajmahal Photography 2021

The Vacation Photographer…

Well, for a photographer of emotions like Nitesh Bishwakarma, it is evident that he will never stay within a grid unless he is taking the shots. On that account, he chose tourism photography to capture the medley of life from every possible corner.

The colors of Gangtok sightseeing have got a little brighter with his lens.

When Taj Mahal reminds us of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, his frame makes the romance live!

I literally found myself being in tranquillity with the serene nature of Varanasi showcased through his camera!

And the blissful feeling that comes with Ladakh’s view has simply proved that “a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Basically, I can keep on lauding about each of his captures, but I won’t kill the thrill. Why don’t you just check his posts and share your own thoughts!

Nitesh Bishwakarma inspires you to become an Achiever…

As told before that I, myself, have a zeal towards photography. But sometimes, the frames, the colors, or the lighting does not fall in place. But Nitesh actually makes it very simple. You see his photographs, and you understand the angle.

I don’t know why but all of his captures kind of talked to me. It’s like they are asking every dreamer to never stop. It’s like they are not only about photography or the qualities of a photographer but about achieving our passion in every possible way.

His profile works as a sole motivator, telling not to give up ever again in our lives.

The Magical Touch…

Exploring Nitesh Bishwakarma and his Instagram profile gave me an astonishing experience. I couldn’t control but bring forth to you the most favorite captures.

The Beatles on the Streets of India
Man and Nature

Although it was really difficult to select just two because as I kept scrolling, I found all of them stunning. But the space, here, is limited!

However, there won’t be any limit once you, yourself, visit his Insta page.

Don’t forget to follow him and let us grow altogether!

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