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Sikkim’s Annual Budget: Rs 12,146 Cr Allocated for Progress

Chief Minister Golay Presents Sikkim's Annual General Budget
Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay presenting the Annual General Budget

Sikkim Legislative Assembly’s Budget Session 2023-24

GANGTOK: The seventh session of the 10th assembly (Budget Session 2023-24) of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly commenced on Wednesday with Governor Lakshman Prasad Acharya, Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, Sikkim Legislative Assembly Speaker Arun Kumar Upreti, and other legislators in attendance.

Chief Minister Golay Presents Annual General Budget

During the session, Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, who is also the Minister-in-Charge of the Finance Department, presented the Annual General Budget for the financial year 2023-24. The budget comprised the explanatory memorandum of the government of Sikkim, annual financial statement, estimates of receipts, and demands for grants.

With a gross expenditure provision of Rs 12,146.51 crore, the net outgo was stated to be Rs 11,806.51 crore after accounting for recoveries of Rs 340 crore, as explained by the Chief Minister during the budget presentation.

Focused Allocations for Pathing Landslide Victims and Infrastructure

Chief Minister Golay highlighted several noteworthy allocations by the state government in the budget. A substantial amount has been set aside for the resettlement of Pathing landslide victims, with Rs 60 crore dedicated to the construction of new roads. The budget also aims to address pending liabilities of the previous government to a significant extent.

Boosting the Veterinary Sector and Youth Entrepreneurship

The veterinary sector has seen a quadrupled allocation for the purchase of medicines, and sufficient funds have been allocated for the skilled youth start-up scheme, aimed at promoting self-reliance and independence among the state’s youth.

Investment in Sports Facilities: Construction of Playgrounds

Furthermore, Rs 30 crore has been earmarked for the construction of playgrounds, aimed at engaging the youth and providing enhanced sports facilities.

Sikkim Legislative Assembly's Budget Session 2023-24
Sikkim Legislative Assembly in session, with Governor Lakshman Prasad Acharya, Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, Speaker Arun Kumar Upreti, and other legislators

Governor Acharya Optimistic About the Budget’s Impact

Governor Lakshman Prasad Acharya expressed confidence in the budget, stating, “I am confident that this budget will pave the way for a brighter future for our state, and I look forward to working with all of you to make our vision a reality.”

The annual budget presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the financial plans and priorities of the Sikkim government for the upcoming fiscal year.

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