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Where Am I Safe: Bipolar Shadows

Bipolar Shadows is the only band in India that plays such a unique genre called “Math rock with djent Elements”.

The genre is a derivative of different genres but they have blended it in such a way even the one with the taste of ambient clean melodies and even the ones rooting for heavy neck breaking riffs and breakdowns will get satisfied. The Vocals ranges from Melodic vocals, growl, scream, high pitched lines that perfectly matches with the underlying musical arrangement.

We sat down with the band to learn about the ideals of Bipolar Shadows. The excerpts of our conversation are below.

How did you discover Djent music?

Arun: All of us had our upbringing of music in metal genre it was our search of more intricate rhythms and timings that led us to the discovery of Djent.

Who have been your greatest inspirations in music?

Avish: We all have diverse interests in music but as band we would quote periphery, animals as leaders, tesseract, meshuggah to name a few.

What inspired your debut single “Where Am I Safe” ?

Arun: We tend to write lyrics that deliver some message to the masses. We wrote where am I safe against the unjust that happens to the woman kind, cause as we have seen today not even a child is spared from the heinous crime – Rape . So, this song is a voice of the woman kind as a whole ‘where am I safe ? ‘

According to you, what is the scope for Djent music globally?

Sanjog: In the recent times, the music industry is highly unpredictable,  (as any genre/musician/style or even a stupid video can go viral overnight) although djent and metal music in particular has a smaller fanbase then other commercial genres, But still the smaller lot has been increasing daily and the prexisting supporters are loyal about the music they love. So, that becomes a good reason to be playing.

What excites you about storytelling through song?

Anthony: We think Music, at the end of the day needs to make the listener feel something. So we try to write our songs that would convey a message and also make the listener be moved by it.

What are you working on now?

Anthony: We are writing stuff for our new album and we are currently doing our pre production stuff.

Anything exciting you can tell us about?

Avish: We are proud of the recipe we have created that can cater to a wide variety of music lovers. Technically, math rock means extensive use of numbers to create arrhythmic patterns delivering beautiful resonant melodies and djent Elements incorporates groovy rhythms and breakdowns from the djent genre.

How can our readers stay connected with you as well as your band?

Arun: One can get connected to us through social media handles on:

Facebook: /BipolarShadows

Instagram: @bipolar_shadows_official, and

Twitter: /bipolarshadows

Also, you can write to us at or ping us on 9064812462  / 7063185261.

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