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Opposition Questions PM Modi’s Silence on Manipur Violence as All-Party Meet Convenes

Opposition Questions PM Modi's Silence on Manipur Violence as All-Party Meet Convenes
Rahul Gandhi raises concerns about PM’s absence in the all-party meet on Manipur violence convened by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi

In a critical move, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticized the timing of the all-party meet called by Union Home Minister Amit Shah to address the ongoing violence in Manipur. Rahul Gandhi pointed out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s absence from the country during the meeting raised doubts about its significance. The state of Manipur has been grappling with ethnic clashes that have resulted in over 110 deaths since May 3.

Opposition leaders, including UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, have echoed the concerns over PM Modi’s silence on the issue, emphasizing the deep wounds inflicted on the state. Notably, a day before the scheduled meeting, leaders from various opposition parties are set to gather in Patna to devise a strategy against the BJP for the upcoming 2024 elections.

The all-party meet marks the Centre’s first effort to engage with the political spectrum concerning Manipur. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has invited representatives from all political parties to convene at the Parliament Library building to seek a way forward in resolving the crisis.

During Shah’s four-day visit to Manipur last month, he interacted with representatives from the Meitei and Kuki communities and assured them of adequate security. Shah emphasized the government’s focus on ensuring the safe return of affected individuals to their homes.

However, despite initial clashes between May 3 and 5, Manipur has experienced a resurgence of violence, particularly in the form of arson and shootings. The recent flare-up reached a tragic peak on June 13, with nine deaths in incidents of firing and arson in Aigejang village, Kangpokpi district.

The fresh wave of violence has also witnessed attacks on the residences of elected representatives, including those from the ruling BJP. In a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), eight BJP MLAs from Manipur expressed concerns about the public’s diminishing faith in the state government.

As the all-party meet seeks to break the deadlock in Manipur, stakeholders are eagerly anticipating meaningful discussions and concrete measures to restore peace and stability to the region.

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