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Sampoorna Kranti Diwas – A New Dimension in Rebuilding Sikkim Politics: SDF

sampoorna kranti diwas

Press Release: Sampoorna Kranti Diwas is celebrated by the Sikkim Democratic Front SDF party every year on 22 June. The day is celebrated to commemorate the fierce struggle organized by the party against the tyranny of the then regime. Today, this day beacons the revolution made by the SDF party for the comprehensive development of Sikkim and Sikkimese people. The revolution of the SDF party is not based on any personal attack, it is based on injustice meted out against Sikkimese people socially, educationally, economically, and so on. The Sampoorna Kranti Diwas of the SDF party is to uplift the Sikkimese society and make Sikkim the most developed and self-sustained state in the world. So far SDF has a major contributions such as Organic State, Industrialization in Sikkim, Revolution in Tourism Industry, and many other developmental works in Sikkim.

The Kranti of SDF is to restore the lost democracy in Sikkim and provide equal rights and opportunities to every Sikkimese people. During 25 years of SDF government Sikkim was provided with a sound democratic environment, where every Sikkimese individual enjoyed complete freedom. In today’s Sikkim, democracy is in the pocket of a few people, and enjoying their lives by selling properties and the identity of Sikkim and its people.

Sampoorna Kranti Diwas is a continuing process and the party will work to make every Sikkimese individual self-sufficient and independent. At present SDF party is evolving as SDF 2.0 which will focus on rebuilding ethical and revolutionary politics in Sikkim. SDF 2.0 is a theme of the party with new ideas, new visions, programs, and policies based on contemporary challenges and world situations. SDF 2.0 will bring about a new revolution in Sikkim to make the holy state the torch bearer in eco-tourism, Education, Organic Farming, Green Technology, etc in the near future.

Bandhana Bhattarai
Spokesperson, SDF

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Gangtokian Web Team, 22/06/23

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