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Citizen Action Party Sikkim Questions Government’s Role in Student’s Death

Citizen Action Party Sikkim Questions Government's Role in Student's Death
CAP chief coordinator Ganesh Rai speaking at press conference

Gangtok: In a recent press conference dated 12/07/23, the Citizen Action Party (CAP) voiced suspicions regarding the role of the government in the alleged murder of student leader Padam Gurung in Sikkim. CAP criticized the announced judicial inquiry as a potential delay tactic, accusing the government of wanting to prevent impartial facts from reaching the public and hindering a thorough investigation.

Ganesh Rai, the chief coordinator of CAP, expressed the belief that the people of Sikkim were well aware that Gurung’s death was a murder and called for a prompt and transparent investigation to uncover the truth. Rai questioned the government’s decision to prioritize the judicial inquiry over the pending report from the Special Investigation Team (SIT), suggesting that the SIT report should have been allowed to come first.

Rai raised concerns about intentional delays in the investigation and hinted at possible government involvement in the case. CAP also criticized the recent transfer of the investigating Superintendent of Police from Namchi, implying that the government was attempting to conceal the true nature of Gurung’s death.

Despite their concerns, CAP expressed confidence in the integrity of the Sikkim Police but suggested that the government was interfering with their functioning. In their quest for justice for Padam Gurung, CAP announced their intention to call for a Janta Adalat, a people’s court.

The developments surrounding Gurung’s death have raised significant questions about the government’s role, leading to demands for transparency and a thorough investigation. As the case progresses, further scrutiny will be placed on the actions of the government and law enforcement agencies to ensure justice is served.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 13/07/23

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