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Congress Vows to Restore Article 371F in Sikkim Ahead of Elections

Congress Vows to Restore Article 371F in Sikkim Ahead of Elections

Mathew Antony Calls Out Modi Government’s Campaign as “White Lies”

In the lead-up to the upcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in 2024, the All India Congress Committee (AICC) national spokesperson, Mathew Antony, has positioned the Congress party as a staunch defender of Sikkim’s special Constitutional provisions, particularly Article 371F. Antony, currently in Sikkim overseeing the party’s election preparations, has urged the people of Sikkim to remain vigilant against what he described as deceptive assurances propagated by the Modi government.

Antony spared no criticism for the Modi administration’s flagship “Modi Ki Guarantee” campaign, dismissing it as built upon “white lies.” His remarks were particularly pointed regarding the government’s purported failures in addressing the nationwide unemployment crisis and its impact on Sikkim. Additionally, Antony highlighted the escalating prices of essential commodities such as cooking fuel, petrol, and diesel, attributing these increases to the government’s policies, including the imposition of GST on essential items.

Concerns Over BJP’s Handling of Special Constitutional Provisions

Antony further lambasted Prime Minister Modi for his absence during the protracted civil unrest in Manipur, accusing the BJP of undermining democratic institutions to suppress opposition voices. Citing recent high-profile arrests of Chief Ministers Hemant Soren and Arvind Kejriwal, Antony underscored what he perceived as a concerted effort to weaken dissenting voices within the political landscape.

Expressing unwavering confidence in the INDIA alliance, Antony predicted the BJP’s defeat in the 2024 elections, envisioning the alliance’s ascension to power at the Centre. Within the context of Sikkim, Antony emphasized the critical importance of preserving the special Constitutional provisions enshrined in Article 371F. Drawing parallels with the BJP’s actions concerning Article 370, Antony called upon the electorate to consider the alliance’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding Sikkim’s unique rights and identity.

SPCC Chairman Pledges Support for Article 371F Restoration

Gopal Chettri, Chairman of the Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee (SPCC) and Lok Sabha candidate, echoed Antony’s sentiments, portraying the Congress as the sole guardian of Article 371F. Chettri reiterated the party’s pledge to advocate for the restoration of Article 371F to its original form, promising to champion Sikkim’s interests within the hallowed halls of Parliament.

Chettri’s commitment extended to proposing amendments to Central Acts that have eroded the sanctity of Article 371F, underscoring the party’s proactive stance in addressing Sikkim-specific concerns on a legislative level.

As the political landscape in Sikkim continues to evolve, the Congress party’s unwavering focus on safeguarding the state’s special Constitutional provisions resonates strongly with voters, setting the stage for a compelling electoral showdown in the upcoming polls.

Gangtokian Web Team, 03/04/2024

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