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BJP Sikkim In-Charge Denies Internal Rift, Addresses Supporters in Nadda’s Absence

BJP Sikkim In-Charge Denies Internal Rift, Addresses Supporters in Nadda's Absence
Sikkim’s BJP leaders and party supporters gathering at Namchi for the Mahajansabha

Gangtok: In a rally held in Namchi, BJP Sikkim in-charge Dilip Jaiswal dismissed reports of internal division within the party. With BJP President J.P Nadda unable to visit due to adverse weather conditions, Jaiswal, along with party president Dilli Ram Thapa, addressed party supporters. He clarified that the recent disagreement between a senior party executive and some legislators was a misunderstanding and emphasized the unity within the party.

Regional Parties vs. National Parties in Sikkim

Jaiswal also highlighted the BJP’s local representation in Sikkim, stating that all 12 legislators are locals. He addressed the skepticism towards national parties, emphasizing that if BJP forms the government, the chief minister would also be a Sikkimese. He emphasized the party’s contribution to the state’s development through centrally funded schemes and expressed confidence in maintaining a respectful relationship with regional parties.

Upcoming Natural Gas Pipeline and Party Priorities

Jaiswal shared information about a forthcoming natural gas pipeline worth Rs 900 crore, which will enhance the availability and affordability of natural gas in Gangtok. He assured that the project’s implementation would commence in a week. Meanwhile, BJP Sikkim President DR Thapa focused on key issues such as IT exemption for old settlers, the removal of the immigrant tag on the Sikkimese Nepali community, and the need for BJP’s governance after decades of regional party rule. Thapa urged supporters to give the party a chance and expressed confidence in delivering victory to the people of Sikkim.

Addressing Supporters’ Concerns

Thapa assured party supporters that if they face suppression or victimization while working for the BJP, the party would take responsibility for their protection. He encouraged them not to fear, emphasizing the strength of the BJP as the country’s largest party. He urged supporters to view the success and development achieved by BJP in other states in the northeast region as a testament to the party’s potential in Sikkim.

The rally aimed to showcase the BJP’s unity, address concerns regarding its status as a national party in Sikkim, and outline key priorities and upcoming projects. The party leaders emphasized their commitment to the state’s development and sought support from the people of Sikkim.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 19/06/23

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