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Styling tips for women under 5’4

Looking for best styling tips for short women?

Short or petite girls generally have a hard time selecting dresses for the perfect fashionable look and style. Since there’s a mainstream belief that being tall means beautiful, it doesn’t mean short women can’t look adorable and elegant too. There are many great styling tips for short women that can make you look better and more confident. Short women don’t have to face the same limitations as taller women, and all it takes is these few simple tips to have a fashionable and chic everyday look.

Here are some styling tips for short women with right clothes to match their natural shape.

Balance Proportions:

Short girls come in all shapes and sizes and need various kinds of fashion hacks or tips to look better. But if you try to speak in general, the most important tip is to balance the proportions. The proportion should either be one third on the upper part and two thirds on the lower part of two-thirds of the upper part and one third on the lower part, but don’t try to wear half proportion. This styling tip is general for every body type, short or tall.

  1. Wear the Right Size: Never try to wear clothes that are too big or too small as the volume of the clothes also matter. So stick to the right size and alter your clothes if required to fit your figure perfectly.
  2. Tailor or alter your dresses: It is difficult for short girls to find the perfect size, either the dresses are too big or too small, else loose at some places and tight at others.

Here are some more detailed fashion tips for short girls:

  • Patterns: Fabric patterns are essential in creating your appearance, which many people don’t realize.
  • Embroidery: Embroidery can help change focus from the problem areas on your body and divert it elsewhere. A single embroidery in the centre of the dress can make you look wider, whereas embroidery around the edges shift focus at the ends and make you look slimmer.
  • Stripes: We know that vertical stripes are recommended rather than diagonal or horizontal lines, as it makes the body look taller and also helps the overall appearance look slimmer.
  • Monochrome or Plain colors: These are the go-to options for short girls, as it not only flatters the natural shapes but also hides away the imperfections well.
  • Sleeves: Short woman seem to have short arms, and thus the ready-made clothes have longer sleeves distorting the look of short girls. Avoid more volume on the sleeves and if wearing silhouette dresses, opt for tight well fitted full sleeves. Wither wear short sleeves, 3/4th sleeves, or long tight ones, but avoid half sleeves.
  • Shoes: The shoes you wear must balance the over attire to create better visual proportions. If you are wearing dresses that are below knee length, wear minimalistic shoes that match the skin tone, so that it appears as elongation of your legs only. Avoid Knee-length boots and prefer ankle length ones, since they make your legs look prominent and more prolonged.

Height doesn’t define beauty, and it is always not necessary to look tall to be attractive. 

One must embrace their body for what it is, tall or short, slim or broad, and feel confident in their skin to look better. The secret to having an attractive appearance is not the figure of a woman’s body, but the aura her persona brings with it. With these styling tips for short girls, you can elaborate and flaunt your beauty more easily.


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