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Cyber Punk 2077

Cyber Punk 2077 Game Review: If this were just about bugs or crashes, I would agree. But it’s so much more. Firstly, having been promoted as an RPG to then be referred to as an Action-Adventure was an understatement.

Secondly, The police system is one of the worst I’ve seen as well as no real crime/wanted level. The driving AI is almost non-existent.

Thirdly and most importantly, all NPC AI goes into this weird, frightening position at the start of even beginning violence. I am unable to interact with stores/workshops and there’s no way to transfer your loot.

Cyber Punk 2077 is a beautiful and stunning game, but the replayability isn’t there. I don’t find myself craving to be in the game without having a task like I did with RDR2, Destiny, Forza, Fallout, Skyrim. Plenty of games to do several fun things aside from the story.This game lacks that and doesn’t fascinate me.

On PC, it’s playable, enjoyably so. It’s clear Cyber Punk was created to run on PC, so why destroy their reputation with this disgrace of a console version? My issues lie not with the bugs or crashes or FPS Drops and general instability.

I have issues with the core of the game with several life sections missing, no honor system of any type, broken AI, and a serious amount of cut material.

The prologue intro to your life path could have been 2-3 hours if not 5-6 hours of gameplay.

Not twenty minutes of gameplay and this cute montage about your first twelve months in night city.

“Well, that way you’d kill two souls. Is that what you want?”

– Misty to V, Cyber Punk 2077

It’s nothing more than a cyberpunk action game, and yes, a broken one with OK mechanics at best. I genuinely hope they fix everything and pull a No Mans Sky level redemption from this game because they deserve it.

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