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Congress’s Battle for Peace: Removing Manipur CM the Solution?

Congress's Battle for Peace: Removing Manipur CM the Solution?

Opposition Parties Demand Peace Restoration in Manipur, Seek CM’s Removal

Various opposition parties have called for immediate action to restore peace in Manipur, citing the inability of Chief Minister N Biren Singh to maintain order in the violence-stricken state. During an all-party meeting convened by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Congress and other parties presented an eight-point charter of demands, emphasizing the need to address the deteriorating situation. Former Manipur CM Okram Ibobi Singh expressed disappointment at being allotted limited time to voice his concerns during the meeting and called for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention.

Demand for CM’s Removal

Former Manipur CM Okram Ibobi Singh, presenting the Congress’ demands, criticized the Chief Minister’s handling of the crisis and urged for his immediate removal. Singh emphasized that the state government had failed to provide effective governance during this critical time, as acknowledged by the Chief Minister himself. Singh stressed the necessity of restoring normalcy and peace in Manipur, calling for a replacement of the Chief Minister to achieve these objectives.

Opposition’s Concerns and Recommendations

The National People’s Party (NPP) expressed concern over the tense situation in Manipur and urged the Indian government to ensure the supply of relief materials and essential commodities to affected areas and relief camps. Stringent action against armed groups involved in the violence was also proposed. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) echoed the need for peace in Manipur, highlighting the trust deficit between the state government and the people, as well as with the central government. They called for Prime Minister Modi’s involvement and emphasized the importance of matching words with actions.

Demand for All-Party Delegation and Disarmament

Several parties demanded the formation of an all-party delegation to visit Manipur and assess the situation. The opposition stressed the significance of demonstrating solidarity and concern for the people of Manipur. Additionally, the Congress and other parties called for the immediate disarmament of all militant groups in Manipur as a crucial step towards restoring peace.

Government’s Response

Although the opposition parties expressed their demand for an all-party delegation to visit Manipur, the government did not make any commitment on the matter during the meeting. However, Home Minister Amit Shah assured the attendees that he would consider their suggestions constructively.

Call for Unity and Relief Measures

Former CM Ibobi Singh emphasized the importance of preserving the unity and territorial integrity of Manipur and called for a comprehensive relief package for the affected people. Singh criticized the current relief package as grossly inadequate and stressed the urgency of addressing the needs of those impacted by the violence.

Looking Ahead

While the all-party meeting provided an opportunity for various opposition parties to voice their concerns, some members of the Congress and other parties expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the meeting. They emphasized the need for concrete actions and genuine efforts from the government to resolve the situation in Manipur. The demand for the Prime Minister Modi’s attention and intervention remains high, with hopes for further discussions and initiatives upon his return to the country.

Gangtokian Web Team, 25/06/23

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