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7 Ways to Curb Climate Change

if not now when do we stop climate change

A preview of what climate change entails..

Climate change is the change in global or regional climate patterns that occurs when changes in atmospheric composition or natural processes alter the balance. Climate on Earth has changed throughout history, but the term “climate change” more often refers to anthropogenic climate change.

The best example of climate change is seen with ice-sheets. The melting of ice sheets has lead to a rise in sea level, which could result in coastal flooding and erosion. This could damage cities and infrastructure that are built close to shorelines. Climate change will also affect agriculture by changing weather patterns, which will have dramatic implications on food security, human health, and severe poverty around the world.

Climate changes are impacting every aspect of our lives including our economy, food production, water resources and more. With this being said here are seven ways to curb climate change.

Limit Your Energy Usage

In order to meet the demand of the rising population, we have been using up all our natural resources. The declining natural resources have led to an increase in fossil fuel consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases which has resulted in a rapid acceleration of global warming. In response to this, we need to take action and work towards a cleaner environment.

Limiting energy usage is the first step towards a better environment as it helps reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on energy smog. It also helps you produce renewable energy that will be more sustainable for future generations.

Reduce Meat Consumption

With the increase in global population, it is necessary to find sustainable ways of food production. And this is where reducing meat consumption comes in. We all know that meat production has a huge environmental impact. So how can we reduce meat consumption?

Firstly, most people are not aware that non-animal products are actually cheaper than animal products. Secondly, there are plenty of substitutes for meat available which are easy to cook and taste better than most meats out there. There are also many vegan restaurants popping up in every city nowadays so it’s easier than ever before to eat healthy vegan meals on a regular basis.

Manage Waste Properly

According to the EPA, about 30% of your energy bill goes to powering your garbage disposal. And that is just one of the many ways in which disposing of our trash contributes to climate change.

The environmental impact of waste is huge, and reducing it is one way we can combat climate change. Waste management starts at home, so taking these simple steps can be an important step toward positive change.

Use Renewable Energy Sources

Global energy supply will be increasingly dependent on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.

Renewable energy sources can reduce carbon emissions and slow down global warming. They also offer a more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and cheaper source of power for households and businesses.

The only problem with renewable energy is that it cannot be stored easily since it is generated from unpredictable natural forces. However, there are other solutions to this problem which include using batteries to store the excess power generated from renewable sources.

Plant Trees for Natural Air Purification

The air around us is several million times more polluted than it used to be. The reasons are many: cars and trucks, factories, and power plants, plus all the ways that people mess up nature. But trees can clean up the air on their own. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Their roots also pull in minerals from dirt in the ground, transforming it into soil. Some of those minerals are then excreted down the trunk and roots of trees, making them into fertilizer. But trees can do even more.

Trees also pull in carbon from the atmosphere, which puts them near the head of the list of plants that can reverse climate change. Trees can do this without fertilizers, just by adding nitrogen to the soil. Plants do this naturally. But they can’t do it everywhere. Most plant roots can’t pull in enough nitrogen from the soil. Planting trees in urban areas can solve many problems. When a tree grows, its roots grow along with it. The roots pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen.

Use Less Plastic

The plastic waste problem is getting worse, not better. The world’s oceans contain more plastic than fish. Plastic is killing most ocean life, especially fish. Plastic causes climate change. A lot of plastic ends up in the ocean, which is not biodegradable. Once in the ocean, it stays there forever. The science is clear: we need to adopt plastic free life.

Use Less Transportation Fuel or Switch to Electric Cars or Buses

Here are three reasons why switching to electric vehicles could cut how much carbon we pump into the atmosphere. One is that electricity is an efficient fuel, and electric motors are more efficient than internal combustion engines. Electric cars use more electricity than gasoline cars, but this isn’t a problem because electricity is cheap. Electric cars also produce fewer emissions than gasoline cars, because they produce no tailpipe emissions. The electricity used to drive them comes from power plants that burn coal, oil, or natural gas. And power plants produce emissions in proportion to what they burn.

Everyone plays a role in preventing climate change, and there are many ways to do so. In this article, we’ve identified seven things that you can do personally to help the environment, from small lifestyle changes to other involvements. It doesn’t matter what area you focus on—the most important thing is that you do something. The future depends on it.

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