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CAP Leader Ganesh Rai Questioned in Alleged Fraud Case

Chief Coordinator of the Citizen Action Party (CAP), Ganesh K. Rai, addressing the media before the interrogation

Gangtok: The spotlight in Sikkim has shifted to the unfolding legal drama surrounding Citizen Action Party chief coordinator Ganesh Rai. The veteran leader was summoned to the Melli Police Station for questioning in connection with an alleged fraud case linked to the Melli Dara Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society (MPCS).

Revisiting the 2014 Kisan Credit Card Loan Case

The crux of the case harks back to 2014 when Ganesh Rai assumed the role of chairperson at the Melli Dara MPCS. This case stems from a Kisan Credit Card loan matter, which has drawn attention due to its lingering impact. Rai’s tenure during this period has become the focus of investigations.

Dual FIRs and Elusive Defendants

As the legal proceedings advance, two First Information Reports (FIRs) have been filed at the Melli police station. These FIRs implicate both Ganesh Rai, the CAP leader, and IK Pradhan, the former manager of the Melli Dara Cooperative Society. The accusations surround a loan amounting to Rs 15 lakh. Interestingly, both Rai and Pradhan have chosen not to make an appearance in court since the initiation of the case. The seventh hearing of the case is scheduled for today.

Ganesh Rai’s Pre-Interrogation Statement

Before his visit to the Melli Police Station, Ganesh Rai addressed a gathering in Melli town. He shed light on the perspective of those involved, stating, “A few members availed the loan and are now complaining that they didn’t get the amount. The public is complaining that they didn’t get the loan from the cooperative society. But the public didn’t even approach the manager, they straight came to the police station, they lodged the complaint and the police registered a case against me. I have been called here to register my statement.”

Political Undertones and Counterclaims

Amid the legal proceedings, Rai did not shy away from casting aspersions on the current Sikkim Krantikari Morcha government. He asserted that he is being framed in the case, alleging that the government is threatened by the Citizen Action Party’s influence. Rai proclaimed, “The present government is scared of Citizen Action Party, so they wish to frame us in a case in which I am not involved. It shows that the present government is scared of CAP’s popularity. We are in politics, we are committed to bringing reformative politics in Sikkim.”

Anticipatory Bail and Confidence in the Legal Process

Interestingly, Ganesh Rai has refrained from applying for anticipatory bail. He explained, “I have not applied for anticipatory bail as the present government is trying to frame me, but I am not involved at all. I am innocent. I can prove my innocence in the court.” Rai maintained his confidence in the Sikkim Police’s ability to conduct an impartial investigation. He emphasized, “Till today, I have not applied for anticipatory bail. Since they have called, I have to comply with the investigation. I am not scared.”

Intricate Legal Path Ahead

As the legal proceedings unfold, the intricate nature of the case continues to capture public attention. The contrasting narratives presented by the accused, the political overtones, and the allegations against the government contribute to the complexity of the situation. As Sikkim watches closely, the truth behind the alleged Melli Dara MPCS fraud case remains to be unveiled in the upcoming hearings.

Gangtokian Web Team, 26/08/23

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