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Sikkim’s ‘Mero Voice & Mero Dance’ Winners Honored in Triumphant Homecoming

Sikkim's 'Mero Voice & Mero Dance' Winners Honored in Triumphant Homecoming

Gangtok: A heartwarming and spirited welcome awaited the triumphant Sikkimese talents who showcased their prowess in Nepal’s reality singing and dancing competitions, ‘Mero Voice Universe’ and ‘Mero Dance Universe’. Chief Minister PS Golay, accompanied by his spouse Krishna Rai and a spirited crowd, extended a warm reception to the three accomplished individuals at Rangpo.

Celebrating the ‘Mero Voice & Mero Dance’ Winners

The festivities revolved around Preetam Rai from Regu, Chujachen constituency, who emerged victorious in the ‘Mero Voice Universe’ during a grand finale held in Kathmandu on August 20. A stellar performance by Shishir Thatal from Rangpo secured him the second position, contributing to Sikkim’s impressive presence. Dancer Mingma D. Lepcha from Namchi clinched the third spot in the intense competition of ‘Mero Dance Universe’.

Enthusiastic Homecoming at Rangpo

The Rangpo Tourist Facilitation Centre witnessed an exuberant homecoming celebration organized by a State-level supporting club chaired by Power Minister MN Sherpa. Cabinet ministers, dignitaries, members of various associations, and honored guests from the Intra-National Welfare and Support Foundation of America were in attendance, lending an air of festivity to the event.

Chief Minister’s Commendation

Chief Minister PS Golay lauded the remarkable achievements of these Sikkimese talents, emphasizing their dedication and hard work that have brought not only pride to the state but also served as an inspiration to the youth. He affirmed his commitment to support and propel the state’s talented individuals onto national and international stages.

Golay announced plans to host festivals highlighting art and culture, aimed at promoting local artists and Sikkimese traditions. He reiterated the state government’s unwavering commitment to nurturing artistic talents, outlining various initiatives such as scholarships and grants to bolster budding talents.

A Proud Moment for Sikkim

Agriculture Minister Lok Nath Sharma, who represented Sikkim at the international stage, expressed his pride in the trio’s accomplishments. He highlighted the intense competition from participants worldwide and underlined the significant recognition brought to Sikkim and India.

Artists Express Gratitude

In their own words, the triumphant Sikkimese artists expressed profound gratitude for the support they received. Preetam Rai acknowledged Chief Minister Golay’s unwavering backing and expressed his happiness in bringing the trophy home, thanking his supporters for their votes.

Shishir Thatal conveyed heartfelt gratitude to Chief Minister Golay and his spouse, likening their support to that of parents. He also acknowledged the various organizations and individuals who stood by him.

Mingma D. Lepcha echoed the sentiments of appreciation for the State government and Chief Minister Golay, expressing contentment with the international exposure gained through the journey. Mingma, along with the other winners, anticipated a global tour promised by ‘Mero Voice & Mero Dance’ organizers, vowing to carry the spirit of Sikkim during their travels.

As the applause echoed and the celebrations subsided, the achievements of these talented Sikkimese individuals continued to resonate, representing not just their personal victories, but the triumph of the state’s artistic spirit on the global stage.

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