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Sikkim CM Announces Regularisation Policy, 20,000 Govt Employees to Benefit

Sikkim CM Announces Regularisation Policy, 20,000 Govt Employees to Benefit
Sikkim CM Prem Singh Golay announces the Regularisation Policy for 2024

Gangtok: Sikkim’s Chief Minister, Prem Singh Golay, made a significant announcement during the State Level Sonam Lochhar festival on February 14. The declaration of the Regularisation Policy 2024 brings hope to over 20,000 temporary government employees who are poised to gain job security by the end of February.

Policy Overview

The Regularisation Policy 2024 is a proactive step by the Sikkim government to address the concerns of its workforce. It encompasses a diverse range of workers, including muster roll, Ad-hoc, One Family One Job beneficiaries, contractual, ICDS, ASHA workers, and those employed under centrally sponsored schemes.

Inclusivity and Consultation

CM Golay emphasized the extensive consultations and meetings that preceded the formulation of the policy. This inclusive approach underscores the government’s commitment to considering the varied needs and aspirations of its employees.

Policy Adjustments

A notable adjustment in the policy is the reduction of the tenure requirement from 8 years to 4 years. This adaptation reflects the government’s agility in responding to the evolving dynamics of employment.

Implementation and Deadline

The policy carries the weight of law, with a firm implementation deadline set for December 31, 2023. Workers who fulfill the requisite service tenure by this date become eligible for regularization under the new policy framework.

Addressing Criticisms

In response to criticisms from opposition parties, particularly regarding the use of the term ‘maybe’ in the government notification, CM Golay clarified the stance. He asserted that the mention of “maybe” is contingent upon document scrutiny and does not diminish the overarching aim of regularizing over 20,000 employees. Golay challenged the opposition to seek legal recourse if they disagreed with the policy, citing previous legal battles over initiatives like One Family One Job.

Promise of Vacancies

CM Golay reaffirmed the government’s commitment to creating 20,000 vacancies by the end of February. He assured that the decision was thoroughly discussed and decided upon in a recent cabinet meeting, dismissing concerns raised by the opposition regarding the process.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 15/02/2024

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