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NIT Sikkim Students Enter Fourth Day of Protest

NIT Sikkim Students Enter Fourth Day of Protest
Students gather outside NIT Sikkim, Ravongla, demanding basic needs and institutional accountability

Gangtok: In Namchi, the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Sikkim has become the center of attention as students continue their protest for the fourth consecutive day, demanding attention to their basic needs and expressing dissatisfaction with the institution’s overall welfare.

The strike, which commenced on February 12, 2024, has surpassed 40 hours, with students adamant about initiating dialogue with the Director of NIT Sikkim, Rabongla, Mahesh Chandra Govil, who has reportedly remained inaccessible since the strike’s inception.

Protest Highlights:

NIT Sikkim Student Advocacy
Students voice their concerns for improved facilities and transparency at NIT Sikkim

The protesting students, braving chilly weather conditions, initially camped outside the Director’s residence, only to find him absent. Subsequently, they shifted their protest to the institution’s main gate, where they continued to voice their concerns regarding hostel facilities and food services.

Despite assurances from the Director for an online interaction on the morning of February 14, the students expressed disappointment in the lack of support from the administration or teachers. Moreover, a concerning incident occurred when a bus nearly ran over the students during peaceful protests on February 14, further highlighting their claims of institutional negligence.

Underlying Demands:

nit sikkim student protest

The ongoing strike underscores long-standing issues faced by students at NIT Sikkim, Rabongla. Senior students, now placed across the country, emphasize that institutional problems often go unaddressed until extreme situations prompt student activism.

The demands put forth by the protesting students include the reinstatement of the former Training and Placement Cell team, establishment of a student body for improved communication and advocacy, regular monitoring of demands by a governmental or organizational entity, and a formal apology from Dr Gajendra Singh Shekawat for his remarks, with resignation expected in case of refusal.

Director’s Response:

Despite the Director’s assurances for an online interaction, students expressed disappointment in his unexpected blaming and threat during a phone conversation on February 14. Dissatisfied with the response, students are actively seeking alternative avenues to voice their demands and grievances.

The Saraswati Puja 2024 celebration at NIT Sikkim, Rabongla, has proven to be a challenging period for students, underscoring the urgency for institutional reform and accountability in addressing student welfare concerns.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 15/02/2024

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