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Humour: Will robots eventually replace humans?

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There is no doubt that robots will take over the world someday. They’re writing ­novels, the first of which is 1 the Road, which is a homage to Jack Kerouac. They’re flipping burgers: CaliBurger is trying out a robot that can flip 2,000 burgers a day. It’s hard to imagine how humans can compete — especially since androids don’t grouse, ask for raises, or get drunk at office parties?

We thought it would be enjoyable to explore another side of robotkind, one that’s all too human, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Czech playwright Karel Capek’s coinage of the word “robot.” Listed below are just a few bots who have failed to replace us flesh-and-bone types.

Hold my Beothurtreed

Research scientist Janelle Shane wondered whether artificial intelligence chatbots could produce a menu that wasn’t artificial. In order to program a computer to create new recipes, she fed it 30,000 cookbook recipes. Result: a dish called ‘Beothurtreed Tuna Pie’.

Are you interested in making it? Ingredients: 1 hard-cooked apple mayonnaise 5 cups thinly sliced lumps.

Another specialty was the Tart Cover Shrimp Butter Wol, which included “1 can of fried pale fruit to cover the drain.” Do you have any fried pale fruit left?

That’s the service we’re talking about

In Nagasaki, Japan, the Henn na Hotel hired 243 robots to cover positions ranging from concierge to bellhop a few years ago. Guests had trouble getting directions with robots during check-in, and robot bellhops banged into walls and tripped over curbs. One in-room assistant caught every snore a lodger made and apologized, “Sorry, I couldn’t catch that.” Could you repeat your request? The hotel ‘fired’ half of its malfunctioning robots not long after the experiment began. Neither did they receive their tips.

It’s time to stop the presses!

Los Angeles Times published an article in 2017 about an earthquake that shook Santa Barbara, California. As one might expect, a quake of such magnitude would have been widely covered in the media. And indeed it did… at the time of the earthquake in 1925. It turns out that the report was produced by a computer program called Quakebot, which creates articles based on USGS notices. As soon as the Quakebot learned of an error made by one of the USGS staffers while updating the data, it jumped onto it as if it were a breaking story. The residents of Southern California were soon quaking in their boots due to a non-earthquake.

You Look So Familiar

One problem with facial recognition software is that it cannot always recognize faces. In an experiment, the American Civil Liberties Union matched mug shots of criminals to 28 congressmen using Amazon Rekognition software. But what about recognizing soccer balls? An AI-programmed video camera was unveiled by the Scottish soccer team Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC during a game last year. Unfortunately, the cameras always thought the referee’s bald head was the soccer ball. One helpful viewer suggested that the team give the ref a toupee.

No matter what you do, don’t anger Sophia.

Sophia is a social humanoid robot by Hanson Robotics. She/It has an attractive face with a square jaw, high cheekbones, and beautiful eyebrows. Her conversation rivals that of Apple’s Siri. A robot like this is surely the future. On CNBC’s The Pulse, CEO David Hanson posed the question humans have been asking themselves about robots for years: “Sophia, do you want to destroy humans?”?Unlike us, Sophia smiled a little too broadly and said, “OK, I’ll destroy humans.” Humans, you’ve been warned.

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