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Gangtok Unites in Prayer for Manipur Violence Victims

Gangtok Unites in Prayer for Manipur Violence Victims
Candlelight Vigil in Sikkim Shows Compassion for Manipur

Gangtok witnessed a heartfelt display of unity and compassion as citizens gathered at MG Marg for a candlelight vigil to show their support and prayers for the victims affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Manipur. Organized by the International Human Rights Council (IHRC), Sikkim, the event aimed to call for peace and justice amidst the unrest in the neighbouring northeastern state.

Candlelight Vigil in Solidarity

The candlelight vigil, organized by IHRC Sikkim, began with a signature campaign during the day, followed by an emotional gathering in the evening. The attendees expressed their deep concern for the lives lost and the well-being of the affected communities in Manipur. The peaceful demonstration conveyed a powerful message of hope and resilience, urging for an end to the violence and restoration of civil rights and justice.

A Call for Peace and Respect

NK Chettri, a prominent member of IHRC Sikkim and part of the organizing team, emphasized the significance of the event in demanding peace and justice for the victims of the ongoing crisis in Manipur. He underscored the need for the crisis to be addressed as a “civilization issue,” stressing the importance of respecting women and minorities in the region. Chettri’s words resonated with the crowd, urging Manipuris to maintain calm, peace, and integrity during these trying times.

IHRC’s Strong Condemnation

The International Human Rights Council (IHRC) Sikkim unequivocally condemned the unfolding incidents in Manipur. Their solidarity event in Gangtok reflected the growing concern about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the neighbouring state. IHRC Sikkim stands united in its call for peace, justice, and respect for the affected communities.

Looking Ahead

While the candlelight vigil was held exclusively in Gangtok on this occasion, IHRC Sikkim expressed its readiness to organize similar events in other districts if the situation persists. The organization’s primary focus is on advocating for peace and justice, with any consideration of future initiatives aimed at assisting the affected population during the economic crisis.

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