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BJP Faces Accusations of Whatboutism Amid Media and YouTuber Involvement

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The recent incidents in Manipur have sparked a heated debate around the BJP’s use of whataboutism, a tactic of deflecting criticism by bringing up other unrelated issues. Critics argue that the BJP has employed this strategy with the help of media and YouTubers to downplay the gravity of the situation in Manipur.

Jodhpur Rape Case:

When the Manipur incident came to light, the BJP resorted to whataboutism by pointing to the Jodhpur rape case in Rajasthan. They mentioned that rapes are happening in Rajasthan without acknowledging the involvement of ABVP members in the Jodhpur case. This tactic aimed to divert attention from the Manipur situation and create a false equivalence between the two incidents.

Jodhpur Murder:

Similarly, in the Jodhpur murder case, where four members of a family were brutally killed over a property dispute, the BJP and certain YouTubers portrayed it as if it were a rape or ethnic violence case to draw attention away from Manipur.

Bengal Fake News:

In the aftermath of the Manipur incident, the BJP, with the help of ANI, propagated fake news claiming that a BJP woman was paraded naked in Bengal. This turned out to be false, as clarified by the DGP of Bengal. The spread of such misinformation adds to the criticism of the BJP’s tactics.

Manipur Fake News by ANI:

ANI, on behalf of the BJP, spread fake news linking a Muslim individual to the Manipur violence. The truth was that the person mentioned was associated with a separatist organization and had no connection to the rape case. ANI later apologized and deleted the tweet, but the damage was done.

The Manipur incident itself has been a cause of concern due to the delayed arrest of the perpetrators. The Chief Minister of Manipur, N. Biren Singh, defended the delay, stating that similar incidents had occurred before. This has raised questions about the state’s handling of such crimes.

While the BJP has faced accusations of using whataboutism and spreading misinformation, the focus should be on addressing the issues at hand, including the Manipur incident and ensuring swift justice for victims. As these incidents continue to unfold, it remains crucial for the media and public to uphold the principles of journalistic integrity and hold those in power accountable for their actions.

Submitted by Samarth Pradhan

Published by Gangtokian Web Team, 23/07/23

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