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Sikkim BJP Raises Concerns Over Sale of Sikkim Teesta Urja to Greenco

Sikkim BJP Raises Concerns Over Sale of Sikkim Tessta Urja to Greenco
Questions Raised on Absence of Open Tender and Lack of financial Transparency

Allegations of Irregularities and Lack of Transparency Surface

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Sikkim has leveled accusations against the state government regarding the sale of Sikkim Teesta Urja Limited (STUL) to Greenco. The transaction, involving the sale of a 60.8% stake to the private company, has come under scrutiny for alleged irregularities and a lack of financial transparency.

State BJP President’s Criticism

DR Thapa, the State BJP President, has condemned the decision, linking it to the aftermath of a grave environmental calamity caused by the Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) in Sikkim. Thapa asserts that the government’s approach reduces a significant ecological crisis to a mere business deal, devoid of benefits for the affected populace.

“It is beyond appalling that even at such a juncture the so-called stewards of the State milked and reaped in full the capitalist benefits of this tragedy to feed their own needs (read: greed),” Thapa stated in a press release.

Allegations of Irregularities

Thapa’s allegations center on the absence of an open tender process and the lack of technical and financial evaluations in the sale to Greenco. He argues that such deficiencies compromise transparency and accountability in government transactions, eroding public trust and raising concerns of potential favoritism or irregularities in the selection process.

Moreover, Thapa highlights the absence of clarity regarding the monetary benefits accruing to the State Government from the sale. He contends that the decision might have been made without due consideration of the government’s interests and broader public welfare.

Call for Clarity and Transparency

Thapa demands clarity on how the insurance claim, filed by Sikkim Urja following the project’s full insurance coverage, will be handled. He emphasizes the right of every Sikkimese citizen to detailed information about the procedures undertaken to maintain transparency and accountability in such transactions.

“This transaction showcases how larger public interests and justice have taken a backseat in the face of personal gains,” Thapa remarked, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Wrapping up: Sale of Sikkim Teesta Urja to Greenco

As the controversy unfolds, it underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in governmental dealings, particularly concerning significant projects with potential socioeconomic impacts. The calls for clarity and thorough investigation resonate with broader concerns about governance and public trust in Sikkim’s political landscape.

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