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Three Lives Lost as Truck Plows into Fair in Sikkim

Three Lives Lost as Truck Plows into Fair in Sikkim

Gangtokian: In a harrowing turn of events, a festive atmosphere at a mela in Ranipool, just 11 kilometers from Gangtok, Sikkim, turned into a scene of chaos and tragedy as a truck careened into a crowd, claiming three lives and injuring over a dozen others.

The Incident

The calamity unfolded at approximately 7:13 pm on a bustling Saturday evening, amidst the lively ambiance of the month-long mela. The truck, descending from the uphill Gangtok area, crashed into the unsuspecting crowd, leaving devastation in its wake.

Among the casualties were a young woman in her mid-20s and two men in their mid-30s. Sadly, the identities of the female victim and one of the male victims remain unknown at present. Shockingly, one of the deceased males was revealed to be an off-duty police officer.

The Toll and Injuries

The toll of tragedy extended beyond the lives lost, with over 17 individuals sustaining injuries. Ranging from an 11-year-old child to a 60-year-old adult, the injured comprised a mix of males and females, including another police officer among them.

The truck’s initial impact was felt as it collided with three parked taxi vehicles outside the mela venue, exacerbating the chaos by pushing them toward the crowded area.

Investigation and Response

The driver, a man in his mid-20s, emerged unscathed from the wreckage. Initial reports confirmed his sobriety, and he has since been taken into custody for further investigation.

The truck, bearing the logo of Sikkim Milk Union, raised questions about ownership. However, the union has vehemently denied any connection, stating that the vehicle was auctioned off in 2023 to a private bidder. They clarified that while ownership changed hands, the emblem of the union remained affixed.

Victims and Hospital Response

Among the deceased was a 20-year-old male student from a local university and a police officer from Pakyong District. The female victim, hailing from Jaigaon, West Bengal, remains unidentified.

The Central Referral Hospital received a total of 27 patients from the accident, with two pronounced dead upon arrival. Six patients were in critical condition, one of whom tragically succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment. The remaining patients are under observation, with five in intensive care and the rest in the general wards.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 11/02/2024

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