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Sikkim: Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park Unveils Remarkable Makeover

Sikkim: Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park Unveils Remarkable Makeover

GANGTOK: The Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park, located near Geyzing at Rabdentse, has recently completed a remarkable makeover, showcasing its enhanced beauty and upgraded facilities during the ongoing trial run.

Established in 2017, the avian park had previously lacked the necessary infrastructure, as highlighted by Forest authorities. Recognizing the potential of the park, Chief Minister PS Golay, in 2020, directed the Forest department to undertake a comprehensive renovation, aligning it with international standards and incorporating all essential amenities.

During a media briefing held on Thursday, Forest Secretary Pradeep Kumar shared details of the park’s transformation, emphasizing the completion of the upgradation process and the subsequent trial run, which commenced on February 15 and is set to conclude at the end of April.

As part of the park’s revamp, a ticketing system was introduced, resulting in an impressive revenue of Rs. 15 lakh. The Forest department actively sought feedback and suggestions from visitors to further enhance and rectify any shortcomings within the bird park. This participatory approach stems from the Chief Minister’s vision of involving the public in governance. Kumar expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “The bird park has been made unique and beautiful.”

Kumar also highlighted the department’s commitment to maintaining the natural habitat of the birds while developing the park. Over the past two years, captive breeding programs have been established, contributing to the park’s conservation efforts.

The completion of the trial run will soon be followed by the official dedication of the Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park to the people of Sikkim.

Sprawled across an expansive 2-hectare area, the Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park showcases approximately 20 stunning birds of Sikkim, including pheasants, Macaws, emus, swans, and ducks. Visitors can indulge in various amenities, such as an interpretation center, cafeteria, parking lot, souvenir shop, bird clinic, nature walk, selfie points, displays, free walk-in aviary, orchiderium, bird signage, and more.

sidkeong tulku bird park
A close-up photograph of one of the exotic bird species, Image Credits: Koushak Gan

The management of the cafeteria, souvenir shop, and parking lot has been entrusted to local youths who have demonstrated their dedication in efficiently running these facilities.

The press conference was attended by CF (wildlife) Udai Gurung, DFO (wildlife) Nisha Subba, and officials from the Forest department, signifying the collective support and recognition for the remarkable transformation of the Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park.

With its stunning renovation and upgraded amenities, the Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park promises to be a delightful attraction for both locals and tourists alike, offering a memorable experience amidst the beauty of nature and the captivating presence of exotic bird species.

Gangtokian Web Team, 06/05/23

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