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Sikkim Floods: Airlifts and Evacuations Ensure Safety in Lachen and Lachung

Airlifts and Evacuations Ensure Safety in Lachen and Lachung
A group of evacuees on their journey to safety

Gangtok – October 09, 2023 – Evacuation efforts are in full swing in the flood-ravaged regions of Lachen and Lachung in Sikkim, as authorities prioritize the safety of residents and tourists affected by the natural disaster.

Airlift Operations

The Indian Army executed successful airlift operations on October 9, rescuing numerous stranded individuals in the towns of Lachen and Lachung. These areas had seen over 3,000 tourists trapped by the aftermath of the glacial lake outburst that occurred on October 3.

Lachen to Chaten Evacuation

In a significant operation, an aircraft transported 15 individuals from Lachen to Chaten in the Mangan district. This operation aimed to relocate residents from Lachen to a safer location. Additionally, another aircraft carried 11 people and essential commodities from Mangan to Lachen, facilitating both the movement of individuals and the distribution of crucial supplies. Notably, an aircraft also transported Power ADC/BSNL officials from Mangan to Lachen, ensuring that essential services continue uninterrupted.

Lachung to Pakyong Evacuation

In Lachung, an aircraft carried 41 passengers, taking off from the region with the intention of landing at the Pakyong airport. At Pakyong, the evacuated passengers will receive further assistance and support as they begin their journey to safety.

Pegong Evacuation by Foot

Approximately 400 individuals, including both tourists and locals, have embarked on a journey to Pegong by foot. This group has successfully crossed a log bridge, with authorities closely monitoring their progress and providing assistance as required.

Reconnecting Chungthang

Efforts have been underway to restore connectivity to Chungthang, one of the most severely affected towns in the Sikkim floods. A bamboo bridge was constructed to facilitate the transfer of stranded individuals, reestablishing a crucial link to the rest of Sikkim. Additionally, plans were in motion to construct a Bailey Bridge, further enhancing accessibility.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 09/10/23

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