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Two Missing Sikkim Students Found in Haryana After 18 Days

Two Missing Sikkim Students Found in Haryana After 18 Days
Paljor Tamang and Devraj Subba, Sikkimese students missing from Gujarat, discovered in Rewari, Haryana.

Gangtok: A heartwarming development unfolded as two Sikkimese students, Paljor Tamang and Devraj Subba, who had been missing from Jamnagar, Gujarat, since August 28, were located in Rewari, Haryana, on Friday. The teenagers’ disappearance had prompted an extensive search, ultimately leading to their discovery around 100 kilometers from Delhi.

A Disappearance Unfolds

The two students, along with a third student from Nepal, had fled Gujarat’s Pranami Global School, initially sparking a search operation within Gujarat. It was later discovered that they had boarded a train bound for Rajasthan and subsequently Delhi.

A Tenacious Search Effort

On September 4, a four-member police team had reached Jaipur, where CCTV footage from the railway station revealed the students buying a ticket to New Delhi at approximately 3:30 pm on August 29.

On September 6, the police team extended their search to Delhi, meticulously scanning CCTV footage from various railway stations. The students were suspected to have boarded the Sultanpur Weekly Express on their journey to Delhi.

Over the course of the last 10 days, both Gujarat and Delhi police collaborated in conducting an exhaustive search, analyzing CCTV footage from multiple locations connecting Delhi with Jaipur and exploring Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh as a potential destination.

A Remarkable Discovery

The tireless efforts of a 15-member police team from Gujarat culminated in the discovery of the three students in Rewari, Haryana. Here, they were employed as cleaning staff at a local hotel. The students had been living with limited resources, no phones, and had carefully avoided police stations and high-profile locations to evade detection. Their journey had involved extensive walking over the past two weeks.

A Reunion with Family

Following their successful location, the students were taken to Sikkim House in New Delhi by authorities. From there, they were promptly returned to Jamnagar, Gujarat, on Friday.

Upon their return to Jamnagar, the missing persons’ case was officially filed, and the parents of the students, who had been anxiously awaiting news in Delhi, traveled to Jamnagar on Saturday to reunite with their children.

Government and Community Support

Throughout this challenging period, the Sikkim Government had been actively involved in the search efforts. The Residential Commissioner’s Office in New Delhi reported that Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay had been consistently monitoring the progress of the search operations.

During a South Sikkim SKM party event in Barfung on Friday, Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay personally shared the good news of the students’ discovery in Rewari, providing insight into the extensive search efforts that had led to this heartwarming reunion.

Gangtokian Web Team, 17/09/23

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