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Sikkim University Students Demand Answers After Alleged Medical Oversight at Sokeyghang’s New STNM Hospital

Sikkim University Students Demand Answers After Alleged Medical Oversight at Sokeyghang's New STNM Hospital

Sikkim University Students’ Association Raises Concerns Over Treatment at New STNM Hospital

Gangtok: In a concerning development, the Sikkim University Students’ Association (SUSA) has filed a formal complaint against the New Sir Thutob Namgyal Memorial (STNM) Hospital in Sokeygang, Sikkim. The complaint alleges medical negligence, citing dire consequences for one of its members, Rohan Giri, a law student at Sikkim University, Gangtok.

Critical Incident: Allegations and Responses

Giri’s ordeal began on the evening of April 22 when he was admitted to the hospital’s emergency ward. Family members rushed him to the facility after discovering him unresponsive, with paralysis affecting the right side of his body. Despite the gravity of the situation, the initial medical examination purportedly failed to identify any severe issues.

The complaint highlights several shortcomings during Giri’s hospitalization, including inadequate diagnostic procedures and subpar medical care. It alleges that a CT scan conducted at the hospital was incomplete, with crucial scans omitted. Moreover, when the family sought a referral for further treatment, they claimed to have been denied by hospital staff.

Anukul Limboo, President of SUSA, emphasized the necessity of sufficient medical resources and proper care, particularly in a multi-specialty institution like STNM. He criticized the hospital’s purported failure to offer timely and appropriate medical assistance to Giri.

The Student representatives of Sikkim University have also arranged a donation drive for Rohan Giri:

An official letterhead from SUSA addressed to the student fraternity, teaching and non-teaching staffs.

Family’s Account: From Assurances to a Dire Transfer

Sumiran Giri, a family member, recounted the events leading to Giri’s eventual transfer to another hospital. Despite initial assurances of stability from STNM Hospital, Giri’s condition allegedly deteriorated rapidly. It wasn’t until his transfer to Siliguri Hospital that he was diagnosed with a severe brain stroke and heart issues.

Calls for Action: Demands for Investigation and Accountability

In response to the incident, SUSA has demanded a comprehensive investigation into the alleged medical negligence at STNM Hospital. They urged authorities to take decisive action to prevent similar occurrences. Additionally, they advocate for improved patient care standards and heightened accountability within Sikkim’s healthcare system.

Hospital’s Response: Assurances of Inquiry

Dr. D.B. Bista, PCC cum Director (Admin), acknowledged receipt of the memorandum from SUSA. He confirmed that an inquiry committee would be formed, with the matter to be referred to the state medical board for further investigation. Stay tuned with Gangtokian for more updates on this developing story.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 29/04/2024

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