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Sikkim Producer Vs. Bengal Filmmaker: Rs. 1 Cr Scam!

Image showing of Sushma Gurung and Anmol Gurung
Sushma Gurung and Anmol Gurung

Allegations of Fraudulent Activities Surrounding Film Investments Surface

Gangtok: A legal battle ensues between Sikkim-based film producer Sushma Gurung of Sushma Productions and Anmol Gurung, a filmmaker and singer based in Kalimpong, West Bengal. The controversy revolves around alleged fraudulent activities related to film investments, leading to accusations of a whopping Rs. 1 crore scam.

The Allegations Unveiled

According to the FIR filed by Sushma Gurung on June 13, the dispute traces back to 2019 when Anmol Gurung approached her with a proposition. Anmol allegedly proposed a film investment plan in Nepal with the rights secured for India. Trusting the filmmaker, Sushma agreed to invest in a film titled ‘Babari’ under Babari Film Private Limited.

An image of 'Babari' movie being screened in a theater in Nepal.
‘Babari’ movie poster, Source: Imdb

The complainant claimed that she issued a cheque of Rs. 50 lakh, with Rs. 5 lakh paid on January 24, 2020, and the remaining Rs. 45 lakh on March 2, 2020. However, things took an unexpected turn as the accused presented another project called ‘Kabaddi 4’, which was supposed to be co-produced under the banner of Basuri Films. Sushma was promised the theatrical and digital rights for the film in India.

A Series of Transactions

The allegations further state that multiple cash transactions and bank transfers were made between the parties. Sushma handed out significant sums, totaling Rs. 1.30 lakh on February 24, 2022, Rs. 10.3 lakh in cash on March 2, and Rs. 11 lakh in cash on March 4, along with an additional Rs. 7 lakh through a bank transfer.

On subsequent dates, several other payments amounting to Rs. 10 lakh, Rs. 2 lakh, and Rs. 8 lakh were made through different mediums. In total, Sushma claims to have paid Anmol Gurung a staggering Rs. 1 crore for the production of the film ‘Kabaddi 4’.

Movie Release and Revenue Collection

A movie poster for 'Kabaddi 4' with Sushma Productions and Basuri Films logos.
‘Kabaddi 4’ movie poster

‘Kabaddi 4’ was eventually released on June 17, 2022, under the banner of Sushma Productions, with Anmol entrusted with revenue collection from various theaters. Sushma allegedly received revenue totaling Rs. 12.40 lakh from Anmol between September and November 2022. However, the issue escalated when he allegedly failed to provide relevant details about the revenue collected and avoided payment.

Legal Actions and Distributor Issues

Frustrated by the lack of response, Sushma issued a legal notice on April 27, 2023, demanding payment details and release of payment for ‘Kabaddi 4’. In response, Inox City Centre in Siliguri stated that they had made full payment to Anmol amounting to Rs. 11,87,065.23.

It was discovered that Anmol had signed an unauthorized distribution agreement with Ambuja Reality Development Private Limited (Inox City Centre, Siliguri) for ‘Kabaddi 4’. This further complicated the matter, as the filmmaker was allegedly operating without Sushma Gurung’s authorization.

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Accusations of Misappropriation

Adding to the complexity, it was revealed that out of the Rs. 1 crore payment for ‘Kabaddi 4’, only Rs. 50 lakh reached the co-producers in Nepal. This led to accusations that Anmol had defrauded Sushma of Rs. 25 lakh for the film ‘Babari’ and Rs. 50 lakh for ‘Kabaddi 4’, respectively.

Legal Proceedings

Based on these serious allegations, Anmol Gurung faced charges under IPC sections 403 (dishonest misappropriation of property), 406 (punishment for criminal breach of trust), and 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property). However, he secured anticipatory bail from the local court in Gangtok on a condition to cooperate with the police investigation.

The Way Forward

As the legal battle unfolds, both parties await a fair resolution. The film industry and investors are keenly observing this case, hoping for justice to prevail.

In a scenario where trust has been broken, this incident serves as a reminder for filmmakers and producers alike to be vigilant and cautious while engaging in financial collaborations.

Only time will tell how this high-stakes dispute will conclude, but for now, the future of ‘Kabaddi 4’ remains uncertain, leaving many eager to see how this drama unfolds in and out of the courtrooms.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 04/08/23

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