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Administration Agrees to Sikkim University Students’ Protest Demands

Sikkim University Students Rally for Centralized and Subsidized Canteen

Student Unity Prevails as Administration Commits to Address Grievances

Gangtok: Sikkim University students, led by the Sikkim University Student’s Association (SUSA), held a pen-down protest today outside the university’s administrative block at 7th Mile. The students presented a list of 19 demands to the university administration, including a range of issues such as the need for a canteen below the library, installation of sanitary pad vending machines, provision of a Xerox machine in the central library and at the Yangang campus, coaching for UGC/NET examinations, resolving transportation, electricity, and water issues, and opening the central library and health campus on Sundays.

sikkim university students association call for protest

The protest, which commenced at 10:30 am from the Central Library to the Administrative block, was expected to continue indefinitely until the students’ demands are met. While the Vice-Chancellor, Avinash Khare, addressed the students regarding their demands, the students remained unsatisfied.

The absence of a centralized and subsidized canteen emerged as a significant grievance expressed by the SUSA, reflecting a broader pattern of concerns neglected by the university administration, leading to growing frustration and discontent among the student body.

In their pursuit of solidarity, the SUSA called for widespread participation in the protest to unify students in their quest for improved conditions.

Sikkim University Administration Agreed to Students’ Demands

The student fraternity of Sikkim University is celebrating a major victory as the university administration has agreed to address all 14 demands put forward by the Sikkim University Students Association (SUSA). This significant development follows a series of protests and boycotts by the students, expressing their dissatisfaction with the administration’s negligence in providing basic amenities, including a centralized and subsidized canteen.

The announcement of the administration’s agreement was made by the General Secretary of SUSA, who expressed his happiness and gratitude to the administration for their willingness to listen and respond to the concerns of the students. The news was met with loud cheers and applause from the student body, marking a triumph for their collective efforts.

One of the primary demands made by the students was the reinstatement of a canteen at its previous location. The administration has confirmed that the canteen will be fully operational starting today, providing much-needed relief to the students. Previously, they faced significant difficulties in commuting to the new canteen, which was situated far away from their classrooms.

Administration Agrees to Sikkim University Students' Protest Demands

In addition to the canteen, the students presented 13 other demands, such as better infrastructure, increased academic support, and the provision of sanitary pads for female students. The administration has assured the students that they are committed to fulfilling these demands as well, and they can expect significant improvements in the near future.

This achievement highlights the power of student unity and the importance of raising one’s voice to bring about change. The students of Sikkim University can take pride in their accomplishment and look forward to a better and more student-friendly environment in the future.

In a statement, the SUSA expressed their appreciation for the administration’s response to their demands and acknowledged the support of the student body throughout the protest. They emphasized the need for continued engagement and collaboration to ensure that the promised improvements are effectively implemented.

The success of this movement serves as a reminder to educational institutions across the country of the significance of listening to the concerns of their students and taking proactive steps to address them. It also underscores the vital role that student organizations play in advocating for the welfare and rights of the student community.

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