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Sikkim Chief Minister Engages with Tibetan Parliament in Exile

Sikkim Chief Minister Engages with Tibetan Parliament in Exile Members at his residence
Discussion on Tibetan Community and Collaborative Initiatives

Gangtok, August 30, 2023 – Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang of Sikkim welcomed members from the Tibetan Parliament in exile to his official residence, marking a significant step in fostering closer ties and addressing concerns related to the Tibetan community residing in the region.

A Diplomatic Dialogue

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister engaged in a diplomatic dialogue with prominent members of the Tibetan Parliament in exile, namely Youdon Aukatsang, Venerable Geshi Monlam Tharchin, and Tashi Dondrup. The discussions centered around matters of mutual interest, specifically focusing on the well-being and engagement of the Tibetan community within Sikkim’s borders.

Tibetan Community’s Role and Contributions

During the meeting, the Tibetan Parliament in exile conveyed their appreciation for the proactive efforts undertaken by the Sikkim state government to support and uplift the Tibetan community. The delegates highlighted the positive impact of the state’s initiatives on the Tibetan residents and recognized the dedication towards their well-being.

Bridging Communities: Future Plans

Notably, the Chief Minister shared the state government’s intentions to further enhance collaboration and communication between the Tibetan community and local authorities. To achieve this, a proposal was unveiled to appoint a Public Relations Officer (PRO) dedicated to serving as a crucial link between the Tibetan community and the state administration. This initiative aims to streamline information flow, address concerns effectively, and ensure a cohesive relationship.

Budget Allocation for Community Welfare

One of the significant outcomes of the discussion was the state government’s commitment to allocate resources for a community hall at Chandmari, catering to the specific needs and aspirations of the Tibetan community. This allocation in the budget underlines the state’s dedication to fostering a conducive environment that encourages cultural exchange and social integration.

A Gesture of Gratitude

The visiting members from the Tibetan Parliament in exile expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the state government’s ongoing efforts and initiatives. Their acknowledgment reflected the sense of partnership and shared objectives in promoting communal harmony and progress.

As the diplomatic interactions concluded, the engagement between Sikkim’s leadership and the Tibetan Parliament in exile sets a promising precedent for cross-cultural collaboration, emphasizing mutual respect, shared aspirations, and the dedication to create a harmonious environment for all communities residing within the state’s borders.

Press Trust of India

Gangtokian Web Team, 30/08/23

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