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Heat Wave Alert in Sikkim & East India: IMD

Heat Wave Alert in Sikkim & East India: IMD
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East India Braces for Heat Wave:

Gangtok: With temperatures soaring across east India, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a warning of a heat wave to hit Sikkim, Odisha, and Jharkhand over the next few days. The Gangetic West Bengal and Bihar are also expected to experience heat wave conditions for an extended period of four days. Other areas, including Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, may also see isolated pockets of heat wave conditions.

The IMD has reported that heat wave conditions have been persisting in isolated pockets of Gangetic West Bengal for the past six days, coastal Andhra Pradesh for four days, and Bihar for three days. The soaring temperatures have been attributed to a western disturbance that is active in the western Himalayan region.

Relief may be expected from the scorching heat in the plains of northwest India as the western disturbance is predicted to bring scattered rainfall to Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Rajasthan during April 18-20, according to the IMD. Heavy rainfall is also anticipated in isolated areas of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh on April 18, with Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand expected to experience heavy rainfall on April 18-19.

However, along with the relief from heat, isolated hailstorms are also likely over Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Punjab over the next two to three days, adding to the weather dynamics in the region.

As the IMD warns of the impending heat wave in Sikkim and other parts of east India, it is crucial to take necessary precautions to stay safe in extreme weather conditions. Staying hydrated, avoiding direct exposure to the sun during peak hours, and taking regular breaks in shaded areas are some of the recommended measures to beat the heat. It is also advisable to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and follow guidelines issued by local authorities for any emergency situations.

Tips to Beat the Heat Wave

To stay cool and beat the heat wave in Sikkim, follow these practical tips:

Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water and fluids like coconut water, lemonade, and buttermilk to stay hydrated and replenish electrolytes lost due to sweating.

Dress Smart:

Wear light-colored, loose-fitting, and breathable clothing made of natural fibers like cotton and linen to allow air circulation and keep your body cool.

Seek Shade:

Stay indoors during the hottest part of the day (usually between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.), and if you need to be outdoors, seek shade under trees or use an umbrella to protect yourself from direct sunlight.

Use Fans and Coolers:

Use fans, coolers, or air conditioning to circulate air and create a cooling effect in your living space. If possible, install reflective films or shades on windows to block out heat.

Take Cool Showers or Baths:

Taking cool showers or baths can help lower your body temperature and provide instant relief from the heat.

Eat Light:

Opt for light and easily digestible meals that are rich in water content, such as fruits, vegetables, salads, and yogurt, to keep yourself hydrated and maintain good health.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol:

Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol as they can dehydrate your body and increase the risk of heat-related illnesses.

Use Wet Towels or Cold Compresses:

Place wet towels or use cold compresses on your neck, forehead, and wrists to cool down your body and reduce the risk of heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

Stay Informed:

Keep yourself updated with the latest Sikkim news, weather forecasts, heat wave warnings, and health advisories issued by the IMD, local authorities, and reputable sources to stay prepared and take necessary precautions.

Gangtokian Web Team, 18/04/2023

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