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Unappetizing Surprise: Dead Lizard Discovered in Chicken Biryani from Popular Hyderabad Restaurant

Dead Lizard Discovered in Chicken Biryani from Popular Hyderabad Restaurant

Gangtokian News Desk: In a distressing turn of events, a culinary delight turned into a cause for concern as a dead lizard was discovered in a chicken biryani ordered online from the renowned Bawarchi Biryani located at RTC Crossroads in Hyderabad.

Disturbing Encounter with Unwanted Ingredient

The incident comes on the heels of a recent complaint from a Hyderabad resident regarding the quality of a fish biryani ordered online. Now, another customer, seeking to indulge in a flavorsome chicken biryani, was confronted with an appalling experience as they unearthed a lifeless lizard within their dish.

Protests Emerge at Bawarchi Biryani

Upon making this unsettling discovery, the affected customer, along with their family, staged a protest outside the gates of Bawarchi Biryani. Local media reports indicate that the demonstration adversely impacted the restaurant’s business, leading to patrons exiting the establishment upon learning of the distressing incident.

Viral Disgust: Shocking Visuals Surface Online

The shocking visuals depicting the lizard nestled within the rice quickly gained traction online, eliciting widespread disgust. The affected customer reportedly approached the restaurant to voice their concerns, adding another layer to the controversy surrounding the popular Hyderabadi eatery.

Revisiting a Troubling Trend

This incident follows closely on the heels of a previous occurrence where a dead cockroach was discovered in a plate of Hyderabadi biryani delivered to a customer’s home. The earlier incident, reported from the Koti area, involved a fish biryani ordered online, which was found to be contaminated. The disgruntled customer took to Reddit to share their ordeal, sarcastically commenting, “Looks like the hotel staff were kind enough to give me some extra protein in the form of a dead cockroach.” Expressing dissatisfaction, the customer assigned a zero rating to the food quality, citing the unpleasant experience.

Social Media Outcry

Netizens have expressed their dismay at the recurring instances of unhygienic discoveries in popular biryani joints in Hyderabad. A tweet featuring the unsettling images garnered attention, with the caption reading, “Nothing! Just another day in Biryani joints in Hyderabad. Lizard, cockroaches, rats…just usual biryani flavors.” The tweet includes a link to the visuals, underscoring the alarming trend that has raised concerns about food safety and quality control in the city.

Gangtokian Web Team, 03/12/23

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