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Sikkim Announces Landmark Reforms to Regularise Probationary Teachers by 2024

Probationary teachers receiving regularisation orders
Symbolic moment as 148 probationary teachers get regularised

Namchi District, Sikkim – In a significant move to reshape the educational landscape, Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, during the National Education Day celebrations, declared that all probationary teachers in the state will be regularised by the same day next year, departing from the existing practice of an 8-year probationary period.

One-Time Relaxation for Pre-2024 Recruits

Traditionally, probationary teachers in Sikkim were regularised only after completing 8 years of service. However, Chief Minister Golay revealed a pivotal shift in policy, announcing a one-time relaxation for all teachers recruited before 2024. Additionally, teachers appointed during the 2014-15 period will see their regularisation before the close of the current year.

Immediate Impact

Chief Minister Golay handed out regularisation orders to 148 probationary teachers during an event organized by the Sikkim Probationary and Regular Teachers Association (SPARTA). Notably, these orders were extended to teachers who did not meet the norms set by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE).

“The 148 teachers will be absorbed as non-teaching staffs, with primary teachers assuming roles as junior academic administrative assistants, graduate teachers as academic administrative assistants, and Post Graduate Teachers as senior academic administrative assistants,” stated Chief Minister Golay.

Widening Employment Opportunities

Among other key announcements, the Chief Minister unveiled plans to create 289 new teaching vacancies. This includes 204 positions for primary teachers, 48 for graduate teachers in Arts, 15 for graduate teachers in Maths, and 12 for graduate teachers in Science.

“Seventeen college lecturers will also be regularised, irrespective of SPSC recruitment norms, acknowledging their dedicated service of 8 years. This will address the concern of some teachers currently receiving salaries as teachers while working in assistant professor roles,” explained the Chief Minister.

Scholarships and Addressing Teacher Concerns

Students receiving scholarships in Sikkim's Namchi district
Seven deserving students awarded scholarships for higher education

In a bid to foster education, seven students from Namchi district were awarded scholarships during the event, specifically for further education, including coaching for UPSC and SPSC exams.

Addressing concerns from Sanskrit and vocational teachers, Chief Minister Golay assured, “Sanskrit teachers will find a resolution for their salary disparities post-Diwali, and vocational teachers will also receive a solution, with an emphasis on continuing their teaching services in their respective schools.”

Gangtokian Web Team, 12/11/23

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