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New Details Emerge About CEO Suchana Seth’s Alleged Murder of Her Son

Image collage showing Suchana Seth, CEO of Mindful AI Lab, speaking at a technology event in Bengaluru, and her son Chinmaya Seth.
Suchana Seth, CEO of Mindful AI Lab speaking at technology event in Bengaluru

The Heartbreaking Case of Chinmaya Seth

Gangtokian News Bureau: In a shocking turn of events this past week, Suchana Seth, a 39-year-old CEO of an AI Startup in Bengaluru The Mindful AI Lab, was arrested for the alleged murder of her four-year-old son, Chinmaya. The case has gripped the nation as more tragic details come to light about the events leading up to Chinmaya’s death.

Note Found at Crime Scene Offers Potential Motive

Investigators made a grim discovery when recreating the crime scene at the Goa apartment where the incident occurred. Inside the suitcase used to transport Chinmaya’s body were the remains of a hastily-scribbled note, believed to be penned by Suchana herself, according to ongoing investigations.

The few short sentences painted a picture of a mother under extreme duress, torn between her love for her son and the tumultuous custody battle with her estranged husband:

“I cannot take it anymore…My ex-husband is violent…I love my son, but I did not want to see him meeting his father.”

While Suchana admits to writing the note, she firmly denies murdering her own child. However, experts say the note could provide critical insight into her psychological state and motives at the time of Chinmaya’s death.

CEO Faces Mounting Evidence Despite Maintaining Innocence

Investigators recreate the crime scene at the Goa apartment where Chinmaya Seth's alleged murder took place

Despite Suchana’s protestations that she stumbled upon her son’s lifeless body the morning of January 7th, the evidence stacked against her continues growing.

Police reveal she acted suspiciously following the incident: allegedly scrambling to check out early from their Goa accommodation, hiding Chinmaya’s remains under toys in a suitcase, displaying little emotion when the body was uncovered.

The postmortem concludes the kindergartner died by asphyxiation—potentially smothered by a pillow or towel. Bottles of cough syrup also found in the hotel room raise further alarm.

And still, the inexplicable question persists: If Suchana indeed discovered her son’s unexpected death, why conceal his body in such a macabre fashion?

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The case remains under development

Image  showing Suchana Seth's Estranged Husband Venkat Raman
This Saturday, Suchana Seth’s estranged husband is set to give a statement to the Calangute Police in Goa concerning the alleged killing of their four-year-old son

As the investigation progresses, a heartbreaking picture takes shape of a little boy trapped in the center of a volcanic custody battle. While the courts strive to uncover the true events leading to Chinmaya’s tragic end, perhaps there are also larger lessons around mental health support and better safeguarding children in similar situations.

Gangtokian Web Team, 13/01/2024

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