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“30 families of SKM party join SDF after helmet rally”: SDF

Image showing 30 families joining SDF party in Sikkim


Yesterday, 30 family members of the SKM party joined the SDF party in the presence of Shri Pawan Chamling, Hon’ble Party President at the SDF Party Head Office, Indira Bypass, Gangtok. The former SKM members stressed that they were unhappy with the behaviour of the SKM party during the recent Sikkim Bachao Abhiyan on 17th March 2023 and that this was one of the reasons they have chosen to join SDF. During the recent Helmet Rally as well as during all programs of SDF, the SKM party members have without fail and in an undemocratic fashion created disturbances. The members who joined SDF mentioned that the undemocratic behaviour of the handful of SKM party workers on the 17th has caused great dissatisfaction amongst the people of Yangang.

At the same time, they also mentioned that SKM has not been able to fulfil any of their Pre-election promises which has proven SKM to be a failed party. They stressed that the victims of the Pathing landslide are also dissatisfied with the step-motherly treatment of the SKM government. They stated that the land allotment that has been given to the landslide victims were allotted during the SDF government. Since the landslide was active then too, land was bought at the Kisaan Bazaar area, Yangang, by the SDF government. The SKM government simply distributed the allotment given by the SDF government.

The SDF party welcomes the new members from Yangang and looks forward to working with them in the mission of saving Sikkim and saving Sikkim’s democracy.

Bishnu Dulal
General Secy., Press & Publicity Affairs

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