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Sikkim Limboo Community Ushers in New Year with Kokphekwa Tongnam Celebrations

Limboo dancers in traditional attire performing a cultural dance during Kokphekwa Tongnam celebrations.
Traditional Limboo dance adds cultural flair to Kokphekwa Tongnam festivities

GEYZING, Sikkim: The vibrant two-day festivities of the Limboo New Year, known as ‘Kokphekwa Tongnam,’ commenced today at the Lingchom Senior Secondary School ground situated in the Yangthang constituency.

Inauguration by N.B. Dahal

The inauguration of the festival witnessed the presence of N.B. Dahal, the esteemed president of the government contractors’ welfare association. Notable scholars from the Limboo community and other dignitaries graced the occasion, marking the significance of the cultural celebration.

Kokphekwa Tongnam: Dedication to Cultural Heritage

Kokphekwa Tongnam, an annual celebration at Lingchom, stands as a dedicated effort to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Limboo community. Bal Muringla, a respected Limboo scholar and professor, illuminated the historical and cultural importance of the festival, stating that it goes beyond just marking the New Year.

Expressing Gratitude to Yuma Mang

Muringla emphasized that the day serves as an expression of gratitude to the Limboo deity, Yuma Mang, for blessings and guidance towards the well-being of the Limboo people. He stressed the imperative need to continue such celebrations to safeguard the cultural legacy of the Limboo community.

Insights from Buddha Singh Limboo

Buddha Singh Limboo, another eminent Limboo scholar and phedangma (priest), shed light on Mundhum, the sacred hymns and teachings guiding the Limboo community. He underlined Mundhum’s objective of encouraging a life of simplicity, righteousness, unity, and equal justice. Buddha Singh Limboo emphasized the importance of raising awareness about Mundhum, as it binds the Limboo community and serves as a guiding force for a life governed by strict codes of laws mentioned in Mundhum.

Cultural Festivals as Heritage Propagators

In his brief address, N.B. Dahal highlighted the pivotal role of cultural festivals in propagating and promoting the heritage and traditions of a community. He underscored their significance as platforms fostering unity and encouraging other communities to follow suit. Dahal emphasized the positive impact of cultural festivals in empowering and inspiring youth to connect with their roots, thereby contributing to progress within the community.

Cultural Extravaganza on Day One

The first day of the festival unfolded with a myriad of cultural activities, featuring captivating performances by various cultural dance groups. The event showcased the richness and diversity of Limboo traditions, engaging participants and spectators alike.

As the Limboo community continues its Kokphekwa Tongnam celebrations, the festivities promise not only a joyous ushering in of the New Year but also a deepened connection to their cultural roots, fostering unity and a sense of pride within the community.

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