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Mizoram Congress Accuses BJP of Exploiting Hinduism for Political Gain

Gangtokian News Desk: Mizoram Congress President Lalsawta expressed grave concerns about the state of religious freedom and liberty during a campaign kick-off event in Keifang on Tuesday. He attributed these concerns to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and accused the party of exploiting religion, particularly Hinduism, for its own political advantage.

Lalsawta began by stating, “India and Mizoram are going through challenging times as the BJP is robbing the people in the name of Hinduism.” He pointed to the repercussions of BJP governance in neighboring Manipur, where a crisis has resulted in the loss of approximately 200 lives and the displacement of thousands.

Concerns Over Religious Freedom

Expressing deep concern for religious freedom and the welfare of Christian missionaries, Lalsawta alleged that these values were under threat under BJP rule. He accused the BJP of prioritizing Hindu-related initiatives, such as the construction of the Ayodhya temple and the Uniform Civil Code, while neglecting the interests and concerns of the Christian community.

Lalsawta further asserted, “The BJP’s introduction of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act and its singular focus on Hindu-related works are dangerous for Christians and the diversity of our nation.”

Congress’ Commitment to Mizoram

While emphasizing the Congress party’s commitment to Mizoram’s welfare, Lalsawta stated, “We don’t have time to criticize other parties. The Congress party is sure of where they stand, and while we work for the betterment of Mizoram, we will continue to oppose the BJP and its coalition partners.”

These remarks reflect the ongoing political discourse in Mizoram and highlight the complex interplay between religion and politics in the region.

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Gangtokian Web Team, 13/09/23

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