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Missing 15-Year-Old Sikkimese Minor Found Safe in Bihar After Month-Long Ordeal

Missing 15-Year-Old Sikkimese Minor Found Safe in Bihar After Month-Long Ordeal

Kidnapped Sikkimese Minor Rescued in Bihar

In a dramatic turn of events, a 15-year-old minor from Lower Syari, Gangtok, who had gone missing on August 20th, 2022, was found safe in Bihar after a month-long ordeal. The story of his disappearance, kidnapping, and eventual rescue unveils a harrowing tale of crime and swift police action.

The Disappearance

The minor, identified as “DC,” had left for school at West Point School on August 20th but never returned home. Concerned about his absence, his family launched an extensive search for him, and on the morning of August 21st, they officially reported him missing, prompting immediate police intervention.

The Investigation Unfolds

During the investigation led by Naresh Chhetri, it was revealed that two minors had ventured to Siliguri on August 20th, where they encountered an individual named Anish Rai. In a distressing twist, Anish Rai provided them with drugs and injections.

While one of the two minors managed to return to Gangtok, the whereabouts of DC remained unknown. Authorities traced Anish Rai, who had been arrested on August 28th in an unrelated stolen case at Pradhan Nagar Police.

A Ransom Demand and Swift Police Action

The investigation took a chilling turn when, on the night of September 26th, DC’s father received a ransom call. The anonymous caller claimed that the missing child was in Lawa Lagoon, Bihar, in the Madhepura district. The kidnapper demanded Rs. 1 lakh for the child’s safe return.

Fearing for the child’s life, the police sprang into action. They traced the call to Bihar and immediately alerted the Bihar Police in Madhepura, sharing crucial location information.

The Rescue Operation

With the assistance of the Bihar Police, a joint operation was launched, resulting in the successful rescue of DC. Three accused individuals were apprehended in the process.

The three accused were identified as Anish Rai, Sanjay Rai, and a minor known as “PC.” Investigations revealed that Anish Rai and Sanjay Rai had a prior connection, likely due to ongoing transactions related to narcotics. The missing child had been taken to Bihar and handed over to the kidnappers, who intended to return him once their financial disputes were resolved.

A Traumatized Child and the Road Ahead

DC, the rescued minor, was subjected to a traumatic experience during his captivity. Authorities emphasized the need for counseling and support for the shaken 15-year-old. Fortunately, he emerged from the ordeal physically unharmed.

A Swift Response

The collaborative efforts of the Bihar Police and the Sikkim Police played a pivotal role in ensuring the safe return of the missing child. The quick response and coordination between the two law enforcement agencies prevented a potential tragedy and led to the apprehension of the suspects.

Missing 15 Year Old Sikkimese Minor Found in Bihar! Exclusive Police Insights

Ongoing Investigation

While three individuals have been arrested, the investigation continues, and efforts are underway to apprehend additional suspects in Siliguri. Anish Rai is already in judicial custody, and Sanjay Rai is expected to be arrested in the coming days.

The incident highlights the grave nature of missing child cases and the critical role played by law enforcement agencies in ensuring their safe recovery.

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