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WICCI Sikkim Chapter Launches to Empower Women & Entrepreneurs


Press Release: A Meet & Greet programme for women entrepreneurs of Sikkim and the official launch of the Women Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries India-ASEAN & G-100 Business Council (WICCI)’s Sikkim State Chapter in collaboration with Sikkim W-Factor was held here at Manan Kendra on 7 June.

The programme was presented by Sikkim W-Factor and chaired by Ms Pooja Sharma Chairperson Sikkim Film Promotion Board, Govt. Of Sikkim, and also the founder of Sikkim W-Factor.

The Meet & Greet session was graced by Dr Alakananda Das, President, India ASEAN Business Council and Country Chairman for G100, WICCI; Ms Sagorika Sharma, Council Member, India ASEAN Business Council, WICCI, and Ms Kiran Boro, Country Advisor G100, Fashion& Textiles, WICCI. Ms Usha Theeng, President, SEED Cell Women’s Wing and Ms. Jashoda Chettri, Assistant Resident Commissioner at Sikkim House, Guwahati and WICCI Council Member was also present on the occasion.

More than 50 entrepreneurs and several Self-Help Groups and official representatives from Directorate of Handloom & Handcrafts, and Sikkim Khadi Board participated in the programme.

WICCI has been at the forefront of advocating for women’s rights and economic empowerment across the nation. It has consistently provided a platform for women entrepreneurs, professionals, and visionaries to connect, collaborate, and grow. With over 500,000 members and industry leaders worldwide, WICCI drives fundamental changes in governmental policies, laws, incentives and entrepreneurial ecosystems, with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry and commerce across all sectors and fields.

Similarly, Sikkim W-Factor has been working towards empowering and uplifting Sikkimese women from diverse backgrounds by providing them a unified platform, fostering a collaborative environment where Sikkimese women can come together, share their experiences, and support each other’s growth.

In her welcome address, Ms Pooja Sharma said that Sikkim W-Factor id privileged to collaborate with WICCI and embrace their unwavering commitment to empowering women in the business world. “Today’s Meet & Greet event, “SHE FOR SHE POWER TO EMPOWER,” embodies the spirit of collaboration, support, and inspiration. It serves as a catalyst for change, as we come together to foster meaningful connections, exchange knowledge, and ignite new ideas. Together, we will explore the power within each woman, celebrating their accomplishments and envisioning a future where gender equality is not just a concept but a reality,” she said.

She further said that this event, a first step towards collaboration between Sikkim W-Factor and WICCI, provided a unique space for networking, sharing experiences, and building lasting relationships for women entrepreneurs of Sikkim. “Such avenues are where ideas will merge, collaborations will form, and new ventures will emerge. Let us seize this occasion to connect with one another, to learn, to mentor, and to uplift. Together, we can create a supportive ecosystem that propels women towards success and celebrates their achievements, she added.

In her address, Dr. Alakananda Das highlighted the mission and vision of WICCI and also officially announced the launch of WICCI SIKKIM Chapter. She said that the WICCI SIKKIM Chapter, in partnership with Sikkim W-Factor, will provide handholding and mentoring for women entrepreneurs of Sikkim and also give them opportunities to network at the regional/ national and international levels.

Ms. Sagorika Sharma, Ms. Kiran Boro & Mrs. Usha Theeng also addressed the gathering. “The enthusiastic response and progressive vision of Sikkimese women and platforms like Sikkim W-Factor, is sure to pave a concrete way towards the economic and professional uplift of the women of Sikkim, and as a part of the larger cluster-initiatives of North-east India,” Ms Sagorika Sharma said in her address.

This was followed by an Open House and Q&A session where various issues related to women entrepreneurship and a future road map for WICCI Sikkim Chapter were discussed. A multi-pronged collaboration between the Sikkim W-factor and WICCI G-100 Business Council were deliberated upon, whereby some core sectors for Sikkim were identified for the initiation phase.

Sectors that have been identified for Sikkim are: Handloom & Handicrafts; Khadi; Entrepreneurship (Education, Workplace Ethics, Soft Skill Development, Exchange Programmes); Education and Coaching; Agri & Food Production; Home Entrepreneurs; Business (Brand creation/marketing/Information Technology); Medical Welfare (Child and Elder Care); Climate Change; Films & Tourism; Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Heritage Conservations (Tourism).

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Gangtokian Web Team, 08/06/23

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